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Yes, times are tough..people need to cut desperate can DirecTV be? My bill recently reflected a $19.95 shipping & handling charge for replacement of a defective DVR that I lease.

Why does this add insult to injury? After the DVR kept shutting down every 30 minutes, it took 4 phone calls, hours of my time working with DirecTV tech support, reformatting and rebooting to no avail, repacking the defective DVR, standing in line at the post office, etc. before they would agree to send a replacement!!! And they never informed me of a shipping/handling charge.

Instead, the employee and their supervisor, (with a major attitudes I might add) had no interest in customer satisfaction- only threw back at me that I should buy a protection plan. (Right- for their substandard equipment?)Do I dare get into the faulty installation- I felt so embarrassed for the poor installer. He was constantly being monitored and in fear of getting fired. (They are timed and monitored remotely).

I have wires loosely hanging from my house, and when I called to complain- guess what- DirecTV wanted to charge my credit card to send a tech out to fix the faulty installation! Hummm...what was the Chairman's bonus last year??? THere is so much more!

Wake up DirecTV! You are getting way too greedy!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Installation.

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There may be more charges for you that you are unaware of like an additional 2 yr contract extension for replaceing their defective DVR.You would be very wise to change the number or cancel your credit card and do not tell DTV the new #.