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The Lengthy Summary:

• In February, 2006, DirecTV re-subscribed me to a plan without my knowledge or permission.

• I had only been buying the March Madness package and my receiver was on a garage shelf.

• I called DirecTV and was informed of their new rule.

• I must be subscribed to a plan in order to buy the March Madness package.

• DirecTV took the liberty of subscribing me to a plan. Evidently, no consultation required!

• DirecTV billed this plan directly to my American Express card.

• DirecTV claimed they would credit the $104 back to my American Express card.

• DirecTV failed to credit my American Express card.

• I then successfully disputed the charge with American Express.

• Three months later I get a check from DirecTV for the amount of the charge.

• I tore up the check because, thanks to American Express, I am not owed any money.

• DirecTV then proceeds over the years to turn me into numerous debt collection agencies.

• My 800 credit rating dropped by over 100 points.

• DirecTV loses the battle over this $104 at every collection agency they enlist to badger me. I think there were 4 agencies involved over the years.

• A couple of years ago, I finally get the collection agency of the day and DirectTV on a conference call.

• DirecTV agrees that I do not owe them any money, and instructs the collection agency to cease and desist.

• The collection agency did cease and desist.

• I naively think it's finally the end of the debacle that is 100% the fault of DirecTV, from start to finish.

• Almost 8 years later I try to become a DirecTV customer, and learn that DirecTV still claims I owe them $104.

• After some research, DirecTV now claims that they gave the $104 to the State of California and that I need to retrieve it from California and send to DirecTV to clear the account.

I've been harassed, and now inconvenienced, for nearly 8 years all due to DirecTV's incompetence. I'm looking for someone at DirecTV with with the authority to fix this mess.

DirecTV should be embarrassed by this 8 year debacle. Excluding the conference call about two years ago, I've yet to find anyone at DirecTV, they call themselves Resolution Specialists, who thinks that DirecTV is in the wrong here.

Brent Reeves

Westminster, California

DirecTV Account #: 127XXXX

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Receiver.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

  • Directv bill scam
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Brent you sound like a class A retard. Noone believes DTV just added a package to your account out of the blue. I know for a fact you were sent email after email in advance that this policy has changed as well as letter after letter. Sorry you do not read your email, nor do you read letters. Find someone to read them for you Brent, it might help you get that GED you have always wanted.

Also you owe that money retard. It was for March Madness. A service you admit to subscribing to.

Please kill yourself.


You're IQ is evidently below room temperature, like many of the DirecTV Resolution Specialists I've dealt with.

I had been a customer of DirecTV since 1996. I don't know that DirecTV handled anything by email or even offered online account access back in '96, but I'm certain that I did not have an account that I could access via the web. My Gmail goes back to 2004 and my first ever email from DirecTV was September of this year (2013). Here's your sign, dullard.

Read this very slowly, Jethro. My beef with DirecTV is not that they subscribed me to a package without permission, it's they sent the money to California and expect me to retrieve it for them. ***, you're slow!


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DirecRipOff and DoucheNetwork are both run by liar, filthy, money grubing and filthy jews like yourself. Go to ***.


Obviously they are not famliar with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.