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We were customers since Directv started in the 90's, then when we moved we didn't have it for a year, we wanted it back, so we ordered it and have had one problem after another. Now we had always known that if it rains or snows, of course the reception would not work, so we'd pop in a movie and watch it.

We never complained about that, just figured that that was satellite service. Well, first of all we called because we heard about bundle pkgs, the # on the ad said they did and we called it. But all they do is set you up with a local phone company and there is no bundling, not on one bill. When the installer was to come out we stayed home and waited, then later in the afternoon got a phone call that we'd have to reschedule and they'd call us back to do that.

Then an hour later a man shows up with 1 dish (should have had 2 dishes as they have a different one for local channels), he stated he'd be back the next day to install the local dish. No one showed up and when I called they said we didn't have any dishes yet, I told her I was looking on my deck and I have a dish out there! They argued with me that I wasn't on the system and I didn't have any dishes installed yet. It took 2 weeks to get the local dish installed and they never did know who came and installed the first dish.

NOW the fun really begins, I get my bills, one after another and they're not what I was told!! When I would call and tell then I was bundling with phone and internet with them and the price I was to pay for everything, they practically called me a liar! They said that no one would have offered us that kind of deal and they DON"T bundle! This went on for almost a year.

The rebates I was to get didn't happen until almost 6 months later and many, many phone calls of reps being rude to me and not believing what I told them. I should have cancelled way back then but my husband wanted the football package they had and we put up with the abuse. Now it's been almost a year and I have been on the phone with them most every month about their billing or about then putting things on my acct or removing things on my acct without my consent! Finally we said we want to cancel.

When I called to cancel the woman said "fine, we'll bill you for 2 years cancellation fee", I was so shocked... WHAT??? She stated that a couple of months ago we upgraded to HD and that bound us to another 2 years! No way did anyone on the phone or the installer say anything about another 2 year contract, if we had been told that we would have said "NO!!!!" Now I've called and called and no one at DirecTV knows a name of anyone in upper management to send a complaint to.

I did get a rep that was pretty decent to me, I asked her about the note of the last rep I spoke to before her and she told me he wrote that I just wanted something for nothing! How dare him! As a call center rep he is only allowed to put the nature of the call and the outcome, not his so called personal opinion! Now they do have some glorified name called "Office of the president" with a PO Box address that you can send complaints to.

That's a farce because I sent a return receipt complaint letter to this and there wasn't even a signature on the return receipt, only some stamp on it. So, finally I do get a call and they don't listen to the problems I'm having and just as well told me that being a customer for 15+ years means NOTHING!! And they will not waive any cancel fees for me. They kept telling me that it's just a billing dispute and they won't waive the fees.

It's a lot more than any billing dispute, it's been one problem after another with them and the rudeness and the uncooperative people they have working for them, the managers who have no authority to help you are just as rude and they are in dire need of management training! When I hung up with a woman who said she was a manager of the office of the president the other day my blood pressure was 165/106!! I don't need this kind of aggravation and if something happens to me like a stroke or something, they'll be sued!!!! They didn't no more read my letter than the man in moon, it was a 3 page letter and 9 pages of notes with dates, names and problems that I had with their company.

Then I decided to send a complaint into the BBB, but I needed to know the state I was dealing with to post my complaint, when I called I spoke to a woman and asked her what state she was in, she informed me she was in the Philippines in SW Asia!!!! I told her why I needed to know and she immediately transferred me to a woman in Idaho! Who by the way, just lived up to my expectations of a DTV rep, no cooperation whatsoever. Now I'm not loud swearing complaint customer, you don't get anywhere with rudeness and it's not my nature to be that way.

They had gotten me to the point of tears a couple of times but I tried to hide that as to not let them gloat that they made me cry! Then I get an email from them advertising... I replied to it and said do not send me anymore emails and why I was upset, AGAIN! Then a woman calls me and she takes up about 1 1/2 hours of my time and the outcome; as she didn't listen to me either was no fees will be waived, it's not DTV's policy to waive fees AND she followed up with a recap of our conversation via EMAIL!!

When I read that I was just upset again, she had worded it in such a way that it sounded like I agreed with her and that was totally false, so answered that email and pretty much told her everything I'm writing here. That was last night. When will this nightmare end?

I will cancel in the very near future; the outcome after I do that is yet to come. Thanks for your time and I do not recommend DirecTV unless you want headaches!

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Yeah Dee, you're probably one in a million!


I was happy with them for almost 15 years!! Just wait, your time will come and you'll find out the hard way!! Good luck Dee!!


I'm happy with it. Get over yourselves.


Don't get Directv, you'll be sorry.

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