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I am needing to cancel my service due to financial issues and directv is unwilling to reduce the rate for cancelling even after being a very good customer for 15 months. They stated they would be charging me over $140 to cancel my service and would not be willing to reduce any of the fees.

I am currently on short term leave due to back surgery and having issues with insurance who has only paid for 1 months leave and then closed my claim.

DirecTV was willing to further reduce my programming (and charge me for it) but unwilling to reduce any of the charges.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $140.

Preferred solution: to have the company show some compassion and work with me on reducing the charges.

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"heart or compassion"

All you have to do is point out the heart or compassion clause in the terms you agreed to when you signed up and they'll square you away.

Look, it stinks that you have to drop them for medical reasons but this is what you agreed to.

Did you read what you signed? Did it say they would let you slide for special circumstances?

If they did it for you they would have to do it for everyone with a story.

Man/Woman up and honor your commitment like the rest of us.

OK....Your turn.

Come back and tell me how I must work for them.