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My husband and I have had Comcast for about 12 yrs but were tired of the rising costs so we decided to look into another provider. In July 2011 we received a flyer for Directv so my husband decided to all them.

The salesman gave us a fab deal on the tv and told us they bundle with Frontier. After about an hour of talking the salesman had our total bundle deal with Directv and Frontier to about $91 a month for the first year and it would go to about $120 after the first year. Great! We decided to switch and boy has that been a mistake.

Our bill since July has ranged from $160 to $120 and cannot seem to get anyone to help but just tell us how much they appologize. NOW I am told that they no longer bundle with Frontier and that our bill will never be what they promised and even better WE have to stay in he contract that we feel they broke since they cannot deliver the prices they promised. If we were going to be charged the same as Comcast we wouldn't have moved!


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