i do not know why you decided to do this, but i have an 8 year old autistic grandson who spends a lot of time watching nickelodeon and nick jr. not to mention the rest of the family who also had channels taken from them, the kicker being, i am signed into a contract for another 7 months before i can take my business elsewhere...this is unacceptable!

i would like to know what kind of credits will be issuedto the consumers, as we had no say in this matter, the autistic granson will most assuredly have a meltdown of some sort today, i would like to say in advance that you guys really dropped the ball on this one! shame on you!

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Will you guys quit your complaining over Direct TV already? It's not their fault that your channels were taken away.

The blame should be pointed at Viacom for being greedy, and want us to pay more on our monthly bills just so they can increase their rates. Do you really want to pay extra for your channels every month? I sure as heck don't.

Oh and shame on you parents for using TV as a pacifier for your children. Quit using TV as a babysitting tool, and go out for a change, and let your children explore the world.

Don't pollute your children mind with these nonsense shows like Spongebob . Do you know how damaging it's causing your children s learning process?


I agree to all these comments.they expect you to paythe same amount of money for a package u didnt sign up for & want to hold u to a contract?! I canceled mine & after sending back all equipment unscathed they still sent me a $800 bill and never could explain why,contract was done.shame on you guys! I used to reccomend you so shame on me,rip off artists.p.s.no one wants, to pay for infomercial&shopping channels!


I am ery upset with the recent changes in your programing. I am a valued customer and I hae been with Direct tv for many years and I have been a possitive influence in getting my entire family to come to Direct TV as well as friends.

I am very upset that you removed BET from your program as well as VH1 and I want my channels back!!! I will be going to your compeitor and taking a slueth of people with me.


With all the upset People Looking for new Providers...think of all the Lost revenue there. Direct TV Really blew it.

Goonz gal

Ohhh but my bill is still the same i just had to call and I was told not the cheapiest but best costomer service these are the best channels out there Iam gone ohh but let me guess your going up again next month This is BS Dish Network may not be the best but they have spongebob.


Being with dierctv what there doing to cosumers right now is like going to walmart and buying 10 items and walking out of the store and then someone from walmart says " im sorry 2 of these items we cant sell you today and you get no refund thanks and come agian maybe we can sell them to you for a higher price next month" :cry :cry


i dont see how a company that you sign a contract with can take something back from you that you already paid for regardless of there reason you dont buy a new ford today and then they tell you that the company that made the engine is taking it back plus going to possibly charge you extra it makes no sense. :( :(


I believe we all know rates go up with time. Canceling programs because direct tv wants to keep the same rates So unfair to us!

How about offer us OUR choice pay the new amount or cancel out of the contract. If you can just switch off what's in our contracts to have, than we should be able to do the same. Switch YOU off! In our town we are taking action.

Currently we have over 86 etc customers who will cancel ASAP. My children are voicing it to others and so am I. All day yesterday we watched banners tell us no choice it's gone if they don't fix it. Blame whoever but it's direct TV responsibility to make it work for the customer.

Choice not no voice! Contracts are binding and my family is supposed to have these channels period. Assume we all stopped paying you that fast huh? Oh wait it's coming soon.

Maybe change company name to ...pay but we do anything we want tv.

That would be direct and correct! Lost customer forever and looking for followers, :( :( :( :( :p

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