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I made the mistake in January of this year to use Directv. I was quoted one price then charged another. I never received a copy of the Service Agreement. The list goes on and on.

Finally in May of this year, I returned to another company I had used in the past. All the company I returned to and I have been trying to get since May, 2008 is an itemized statement for the final amount due, so they can process the buying out of my contract with Directv. I've asked for the statement twice in writing and four times now over the phone.

Today when I called yet again about the itemized statement, the first customer service representative told me to call back as she had to bring her computer back up (she had just shut it down). I told her all I wanted was the phone number to the corporate office. Again she told me to call back as she had to bring up her computer in order to give me the phone number.

Irritated, I hung up and called back. This time I was told that I had been turned over to a collection agency July 28, 2008 (I have yet to hear from them). And due to this, neither customer service nor the billing/collections department had access to any of my information. I would have to settle for dealing with the collection agency.

I'm now really angry and called a different number for this company. Finally, I connected with a human being who gave me her name, and after verifying my phone number, name and address proceeded to ask how she could help me. I told her what all I had been through. She told me she had to put me on hold for a few minutes; and I told her fine (she was as least courteous and pleasant). When she returned she said she was sending me the itemized statement to my email address and I should have it. I checked my email only to discover that it didn't contain the itemized statement as requested. I told her all it was, was a link to the area to pay my bill.

She then put me on hold again. When she returned she informed me that I should be receiving the itemized statement within 10-14 business days. However the bill will only show the last six months of activity. I again told her what my other company required in order to buy out my contract.

I was assured that I would receive the information needed. I'll believe it when I see it.

In the mean time, I've been turned over to a collection agency and that is now on my credit report (I checked).

To anyone reading this, please, please, please stay far away from Directv.

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