Needed re-routing of previously installed wiring. The wires now hang over a child's bed.

Told I would have to personally move furniture so that wires could be hidden behind the dressers. I told him I was old and handicapped and the response was that then it was my problem, not theirs. Told I had outdated dish -- as if it was my fault. I have a south facing balcony on which the old dish sits.

He did not opt for a balcony mounted new dish. I explained that the HOA does not want dishes on the roof. His attitude was that I was S.O.L. I asked to talk with his supervisor.

The supervisor said I was basically S.O.L. I asked if he would come look at the situation -- he said he would try maybe this evening. So I sit here and wait for Jason Driscoll (473-789) to decide when it is convenient to come and tell me in person that I am S.O.L. because, gawdforbid, a young man would be hurt by running a wire over the tops of furniture.

There is no accomodation for people with disabilities. No assistance for the handicapped. No advise. No help.

Gee, if I were able bodied, I would probably not mind paying the monthly service. But now that I know that being handicapped means I do not get services, please tell me how to opt out of the monthly fee.

Oh wait, why don't I just switch back to Cox?

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For all of you who want credit that makes perfect sense. However, Direct TV could buckle to Viacom and pass the charges onto you.

So in actuality you could get a credit now and an increase next month. Just deal with the channels being out and pray your bill doesn't go up more.


Yes, Directv hates handicapped customers. In fact they train their employees to act that way and think that way.

Are you *** serious?!

If they can't do it, they can't do it! Shut the *** up!


If your contract is not up be prepard to pay an early cancellation fee and most likely nonreturned equipment fees. I don't believe DTV discriminates against Handicapped customers they don't give a *** about any of their customers and that includes the handicapped,elderly,single parents & ect.

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