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Was lied to about free HBO and two other show services for 12 months, they started billing me an extra 53.99$ me and my faincee call and they stated they will termite with a $290 shut off charge, $450 if their stuff isnt returned. Well here i am with over $600 dollar bill that was intentionally given for services they charged me for even though i told them no! I sent their stuff back, and i told them to reverse the payments, they lie and wont...
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I called infuriated and they told me it was the HBO promo I was getting when I signed up. I list it and said cancel. So they set my account up to cancel my bank reversed the debit. Direct tv calls and I have service deactivated next day. They neglected to tell me when I did this I lost all my incentives. I was not aware of this no one told me. So a month later my bill is now almost $300. I cancelled the service again only to find I owed almost...
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Anonymous So it's Directv's fault that you didn't read the terms of the customer agreement?If service is canceled before the 24 month agreement is complete there will be a $20 per month...


h.kitchener Now you know why it is never a good idea to use a debit card or allow someone to automatically take money from your account. When paying monthly recurring charges, always have...

Since i never get a copy of my bill i never new what i was paying for, and i find out Ive been paying for HBO and Showtime for more than 6 months. No one could tell me who or why it was signed up and that they could credit me only for a couple of months. After about a month, i still havent received a bill my sevuce was cut off again. I called frustrated, paid it in full which was on the 18th of april. On the 29th of april i decide hey im going...
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