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i had a hd box replaced,for 4 months no hd and was charge for,and no creadit to my account.this is a bad company to do any type of contracts,false information.we need to orginize a large group for a fcc

law suit..

customers should form a group for a class law suit against dirct tv and file with the fcc. i think the fcc would love to hear from 1000s of people to deal with companys like direct tv.. o iam at 84 words i need 100 words to put this up for people to read iam sure this will never make this page ..


Monetary Loss: $150.

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I am now on my at least 15th call with Direct TV. They can not resolve any problems.

They just credit your credit card over and over. Now I am ready to cancel my credit card and see how they like that!

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