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(i) Worst Customer Service, every one talks as if there are CEO of DirecTV, But Who actually gives a *** about who you are, the reason you have a job is because of us "Customers".

(ii) No One Will Answer To Your Questions, Instead they ask you lots of questions.

(iii) DO NOT Compare your service to anyone. before comparison itself we can say that the worst ever service providers are you.

(iv) Sign you up for unwanted packages with out your authorization and acknowledgement and do not credit it back.

(v) You will have to check you bills or else these highway robbers will charge you cards for the dinner / date they had with some one


(i) I really DO NOT Find anything here.....

I opted for DirecTV for an international package. And only for that package i went to DirecTV.

During the sign up they talk very nicely stating that these package will be there forever, and they will not remove it all stories...... sign up a 10 page document for a two years contract.

It was fine until Dec 2010, i got a letter from the DirecTV stating that this particular channel will not be available from Feb1 2011, so i called them i stated that i went with directTV only because of this package and do you have any plans of bringing this package back? they asked me to give a call by end of Jan 2011 to see what is the suitable replacement.

I called them on Jan 27th and they told me that there is no replacement for this package and we will not offer this channel going further. so i asked that person to degrade my account to the mimum package amount provided by direcTV and DO NOT Add any more package to my aaccount.

I saw the bills for the month of Feb and Mar, it was 90$ for each month, with was supposed to be 60$.

I called them and they transferred the call to 5 - 6 Departments (on phone for 1 hrs, it went to customer service - billing - international- billing, ....)

They told that DirecTV found a suitable replacement for my international package and replaced it with that and that channel is some unknow language.....

I asked them why did you replace that channel, they said it is their policy.

(i) If a channel which we are watching is not available, then remove that channel and don't charge me for that but who the heck are you to do a replacement to my account.

They said it is a suitable replacement, Spanish to Chinese is a suitable replacement? German to Japanese is a suitable replacement? Tamil to Swedish is a suitable replacement?

If you do so you should have got the acknowledgment from us, you guys say that it is your police? please do go directly to ***.....

(ii) And they did not credit me back for those unwanted channels.

(iii) Finally i decided to terminate the contract and close my A/C and willing to pay the earlier termination fee.. Oh Man!.... this guy from customer service said he can give me a very good package, reduce rates..... alll nonsence, trash talking..... they do anything to get the customers but do not provide the right service......

I really DO NOT know how come they have customers ............. may be because of this contract they are sticking.

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