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I will never recommend Directv nor will I re-up with them.

I got a Directv HDDVR before Halloween. The remote did not work correctly. Each button would have to be push multiple times before the desired action took place. i.e. changing the channel up or down would take up to seven presses to active the change.

I contacted Directv many times. They had me perform many tasks on the HDDVR unit, such as reset, unplug and etc.

I was also having a bleeding problem. While watching a program or listening to a music station another station would bleed onto the channel I had on.

Thius went on for two months. They replaced the HDDVR but failed to send a new remote. So, I still had the remote problem, the HDDVR still had the station-bleeding problem and I lost over 130 recording when the replaced the HDDVR.

Finally, the third technician had made calls to buddies and discovered that the bleeding problem was caused by the faulty arm on the dish. That arm is not designed for the South Dakota cold weather.

I contacted Directv and asked for a credit for these months of poor reception, lost recoredings and the frustration I experienced (I called 5 times one day when each representative asked that I call back, "if what they had done did not work.").

They offered me $30 credit. It is not much but it is better than nothing. I spent nearly $150 during that time for poor service.

I do nmot recoomend Directv to anyone.

James von Tesmar

113 Gorder DR

Aberdeen SD 57401


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:( :( i also hate directv. like you said their customer service SUCKS!!

the only way to get a person is if you push the button to sign up for service. i am pissed about having to wait between 1 1/2 & 2 months for rebates to apply so my bill will be what the sale flyers stated (29.99) instead of 80.00.