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Directv's recently introduced new screen format is awful. It is extremely difficult to read and ease of use in the previous navigation (e.g.

Manage Recordings to name just one) was traded off for a nonsensical menu. It looks like this was created by someone in front of a PC and never tested on actual TVs or users. There is no real way to provide this feedback and it is clear that they really don't care about their customers.

I tried to get assistance on the customer service number but hung up in frustration when the agent, who spoke barely understandable heavily accented English, was unable to even understand my complaint. It clearly wasn't on her script menu of canned responses.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Guide.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Not good service, Changed screen to unreadable.

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For a sports fan, the best feature of a DVR was the ability to scroll through lots of games, stop when the score changes and then back up and catch all the scoring plays. But, the dark bar that clouds the bottom of the screen in your new graphics format makes this impossible. Time to switch TV services.


I agree with these complaints, plus now today, Sept 6, 2018, I see terrible adds for football game on the lower left bottom of my 60” screen. It never goes away and it interferes with the programs which is by the way, on all channels.

I’ve been with DirecTv for over 23 years and the at&t takeover sucks with the new prices coming up like the $8.95 monthly home protection charge forced on us soon!

As if at&t is getting too poor on all of us paying hundreds of dollars a year. STOP the STUPID ADDS!


New design sucks


The new screen is absolute garbage, if they don't fix it within a month, i'm canceling service. It just annoys the crap out of me so much I just turn it off.


I agree as soon as my two years is up in two months I am going to get rid of Direct TV


Worse than described.the only good thing is it got me looking around and Direct TV is not the only game in town and this will motivate me to take action to a better system.


Really hate the Direct TV new screens. Too busy, cumbersome; when more than one of the same program is recorded it is not obvious how to delete just one of them; the DONE button is gone on the Guide screen so not obvious how to go back one screen without going all the way back out.

Updates should make things easier not this mess.

Sorry. Loved my Direct TV before all this mess.


Usually when graphics are changed it is to make things clearer to the customers. Direct TV has made changes to make navigating much more difficult.

We know which shows we put on our list and don't need fancy graphics we can't even read.

2 questions.....#1. Who designed this mess (that we are paying through the nose for & #2 WHY?


I went to their chat ...they assured me they were fixing all the issues due to the numerous complaints!

to Anonymous #1555176

They need to get rid of tje individuals in charge and replace them with individuals who can do the job right what a joke


I hope direct tv is listening! We absolutely hate the new screen format!

PLEASE change it back how it was before.

We are very unhappy and frustrated with thus screen! It’s not user friendly at all!


Oh my, what can I say? I absolutely hate this new formatted menu.

The font is absolutely too small. I wear glasses and can barely see what's on the guide. I can see many people agree. Its absolutely bad.

Please revert to the old menu or at least make the fonts larger, especially when guide is on. Uggh, ~Frustrated consumer


Yeah it just happened to me too, it *** SUCKS!!!!! It looks like I’m gonna go back to not using the Whole Home service and just make them take the Genies out and put in independent DVRs cause it appears that will give me back the better interface.

It’s one thing that they raise their prices like $10 every 6 months but now it’s shittier service! I used to be an 18 year happy customer.


We agree! It sucks and we may switchbecause of all the problems we are having with it.


Spent an hour on chat with them this morning and they promised to have my old format restored in 24 hrs. I sure hope so Been with them for nearly 20 yrs and this is the first critical issue I have had.

Chat Tech said their engineers were striving for a new User Friendly format that is easy for everyone to use. I told the tech his complete engineering dept should be marched in front of a firing squad. Im not real bright but this is the most complex thing Ive ever had to navigate!

My wife recorded NCIS last night and cant even watch it today! WTF were these people thinking?

to Jackie Nanney #1482050

You can send them a private message on facebook also. And they Will answer! I know, Ive tried it


I thought that by now directv would have listened to their subscribers and made an attempt to rectify the horrible mistake they made in introducing the new screen format. All the comments were true: font is too small; too much on the screen; slow response time when selecting options; black bar at the bottom when changing formats is annoying and blocks s third of the screen.

Everything about the new design is horrible.

What were they thinking? Definitely needed a focus group to check it out before foisting it on customers!

to Ann #1481360

Please take us back to the old screen. This is horrible.

Font is too small. Where is the message screen, and list of phone calls? This really makes me think of possibly changing my service to another company. Price is way too high for so many channels that I will never watch.

I wish you would offer a la carte channels. Seriously thinking of disconnecting service.


This is horrible, who thought this was a good idea? Did you test it with anyone? Worst experience ever!


There is a lag that wasn't evident in old interface. I liked the large time on the right and larger font.

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