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Directv's recently introduced new screen format is awful.It is extremely difficult to read and ease of use in the previous navigation (e.g.

Manage Recordings to name just one) was traded off for a nonsensical menu. It looks like this was created by someone in front of a PC and never tested on actual TVs or users. There is no real way to provide this feedback and it is clear that they really don't care about their customers.

I tried to get assistance on the customer service number but hung up in frustration when the agent, who spoke barely understandable heavily accented English, was unable to even understand my complaint.It clearly wasn't on her script menu of canned responses.

Review about: Directv Tv Guide.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Not good service, Changed screen to unreadable.


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I hate the new Direct Tv format......Go back to the way it was....why fix something that’s not broken!!! Listen to your customers, Direct TV, OR YOU WILL BE LOSING THEM!!!


Direct TV new picture format sucks big time.BAD MOVE DIRECT.


You need to return the menu and recording features back to what it was. Because if it ain't broke don't break it !


This new screen set up is driving me crazy! I mean who decided this would be a good idea? Can we PLEASE change it back!?


This new format stinks..Go back to original.

To small to read..l guess I will have to cancel


I too am not pleased with the new guide.Cannot read it, so small, and too dark, hard to move around in.

I called customer service and the lady wanted to sell me a protection plan! I already have the protection plan! The representative was of no help what so ever and kept stating that I needed the protection plan and she had nothing else to help me with. What a waste of time and money.

I am looking for better alternatives rather than direct tv. I have been a customer for over 17 years but it is definately time to move on!

Expensive and not a good product any more.Suggestions?


The guide sucks put it back


Change it back. Agree with all comments it is horrible!


Agree 100%.Can not get a good handle on new recorded programming.

New font is too small, can’t read it.Change it back!


I absolutely hate the new Direct TV format.What idiot came up with this mess.

I also hate the new remotes.I am continually shuting Danoff my TV.


I completely agree!The new format sucks bad!

You have a list of customers, couldn't you at least do a beta test?

You could've sent out one of those ridiculous messages to ask consumers.I really should just switch to Dish!


I agree with the first review of the new screen format.It's awful!

You can't even do a search for "other showings" from within a recording. The function appears to be there, but when you click on it, all you can search for is the exact SAME episode that you already recorded.

To actually search for other episodes that you'd like to record, you have to go out to a main search screen and type in the name of the show you want.When upgrades like this are done, it should be more efficient, not less!

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