Directv installer cut into my phone line and cut off my phone service. I reported this to Directv and was told someone would call me back within 24 hours.

No one ever called me. I had to call my local phone company to repair my phone line. Their Customer Serivce is unfamiliar with what services they offer. I had constant technical problems.

Their downloading programming into my receiver caused my unit to me stuck on one channel. They told me the only way to fix it was to erase everything on my DVR. I had finally had enough and wanted to cancel the service. The Customer Serviced Agreeement stated they could charge me $15.00.

I canceled the service and they have been trying to charge me $212.00 saying I entered into a two year service agreement, yet the installer never provided me with a two year agreement like he was supposed, so I never signed anytbing. Directv is dishonest, incompetent and unethical.

I can see by complaints online that I am not an isolated case.

Review about: Directv Receiver.

Monetary Loss: $212.

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:( directv is a piece of S***! they have the worst customer service , even worst than sprint (and thats pretty bad).

i got charged for cancelation fees and i never canceled they couldnt install the satellite so they closed my account. but they still decided to charge me a cancelation fee. so i called once i noticed that on my bank account.i call directv and they apologize (bs)and said they would put the money back into my account with in 8-10 days (more bs) it has been a month! with in this month i have called several times.

they have told me that they wur so sorry (more bs) and i was "escalated to someone who could do something".

that "supervisor" said that they where going to put the money back into my account manually and to give it a couple of hours. (more bs) it has been 4 days since.

Russeifa, Az Zarqa, Jordan #25114

A customer of 4 years. I have fallen victim to direct TV.

They have charged me $338.23, for early termination. However I was not under contract. . 2 weeks ago one of my receivers died, they sent me a new receiver, told me I would be billed shipping and handling of $19.99 for the receiver.

What I got was a broken receiver and poor customer service. Four days later, of rebooting and trouble shooting and still nothing. They would not send a tech to my home, and failed at fixing the problem, so I requested cancellation. Once transferred they where willing to do what they should of done all along, and send a tech....

BUT WAIT THERE'S A CATCH. requires 18 mo commitment. hmmm.. NO THANK YOU, cancel my services.

long story short, I denied there offer and days later I was billed $338.23. OH MY GOD.... I almost lost it. Four calls later.

Sorry there is nothing we can do, it is correct. I never signed a contract, agreed to a contract or was advised that I was under a contract, per direct TV because of the new leased receiver that was sent to my home, I agreed to a new contract. Hello!!! last time I checked you need consent, not to mention putting your hands in my checking account and helping your self to $338.23 of my Mortgage payment.

CLASS ACTION LAW SUITE. I am looking for a few individuals with the same issue. email me at DTVfraud@gmail.com. There is no way they are getting away with stealing my money.

Here is what I have done so far. Document everything keep up with names, dates, and times. Contact your local BBB, FTC (federal trade commission) and Consumer Protection ( your Attorney general) You will be given case numbers keep your records. EVERY PERSON WHO FALLS VICTIM TO DIRECT TV CALL SHOULD DO THIS.

877-382-4357. Get this, I was told by the rep who took my claim at the FTC that she has been receiving this same complaint regarding direct TV, a lot. That tells me there is a serious problem Also I have contacted 5 on your side a local news station in my area who goes out to help resolve these case. Please email me if you are ready and serious about resolving this matter.


They will not get a penny of my money. what about yours.

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