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After moving from Time Warner Cable in Austin, I signed up as an Internet/TV/Phone package deal with Quest in Denver....I signed a one year contract with Quest, as I wasn't sure if I was staying. DirecTV happened to be the TV part of the deal.....When I decided to move after my one year, I cancelled service with DirecTV, and what a SCAM.

They told me too bad, that it wasn't their fault that my new place didn't have DirecTV service and that I was in a 2 year contract with them, so I had to pay the penalty fee of $200.00. I told them I had never signed a contract with them. Read the fine print ALL. DO NOT Sign up with DirecTV EVER.

They scam you. I could ramble forever. I pay my bills always. I paid their *** bill to get them off my back.

But I will never sign up with them again. They are a dishonest business. If I ran my company that way, I would not have customers.

But somehow they are allowed to do this to people. Not right.

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Stop reposting. We got the hint the first time you posted this.

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