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Just looking at this site, Ripoff Report, Viewpoint and others I can't believe I am still a Directv customer

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I have a protection plan with Directv and I was calling to get my receiver replaced and instead the lady gave me her little *** sales pitch about how I am a loyal customer and I get a free upgrade. She transferred me to another department and during that conversation I spoke to a gentleman that pitched me about how exciting it is to get upgraded for free and at the end said I was renewing my contract for 2 years.

I pretty much told him to pound sand and transfer me back to the people I spoke to. He sent me to the protection plan department and the lady who was very nice said that the first thing that person should have done was troubleshoot with you, which she didn't. Secondly, she should have seen that I had a protection plan.

Have to appreciate the fact that the lady was honest.

Here I am 50 minutes later basically trying to cancel an order that I didn't even agree to.

I will be calling their executive offices come Monday morning for sure and let them know what happened and that after 12 years I have decided to end my relationship with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Receiver.

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I dont know why you expect something for nothing especially in this modern world. How do you think we recoup our equipment cost not to mention they do have to pay me to go out there and install the stuff (although not nearly enough).

What really surprises me is that you think that you should pay for a "protection plan" on equipment you dont own and on a system that for all you know was installed poorly or improperly. Trust me, not all of my colleagues care as much about the quality of their work as I do. Working for this company has been good in this economy but some of the things they do disgust and ashame me.

Cancel that protection plan now stop wasting money, they're never gonna charge for replacement equipment or a service call if you complain enough, I've been told this by my boss. In fact even with the protection plan if your service call tech selects customer caused as the resolution code for the job you will be charged regardless of the protection plan.

@DTV Installer

Your equipment costs are almost nothing to the company ya ***! It costs direct TV zilch point *** to pay for parts, all of the real money is in selling there programming and they make a lot of profit on that, your cheeseball equipment does fail and a lot, in the last few years I have had to replace about 6 of your DVRs and recievers that is some bad equipment my cable equip never had that kind of failure rate, I should know I am an Electronics Technician and you are just an installer without a degree or a lot of knowledge, you guys do a bad job of install I have cable strung all over my apt, you suck so bad I switched my phone and internet back over to charter and the next move will be to switch the TV back to Charter because they have gotten so much better!!!


I believe that by accepting another receiver,you are comitted to another 2 yrs service even with the protection plan.I'm suprised they even told you you would be under another 2 yr contract,most of the time they don't bother telling the customer.