Waukee, Iowa

I spend $140.00 a month for the NFL game ticket and my regular channels and Directv takes takes and takes then they act like "we are doing this for our customers". ***!

FX has some of the best shows on tv and they want to take that from us who work hard for our money to pay Directv to give us the best product on tv. Sons of Anarchy and It's always sunny in phil. is FANTASTIC and yet people who pay $25 through local cable can watch this and we can't? Directv customer service is terrible and I laugh everytime I see their commercial stating them as #1 in customer service.

The NFL game ticket is the only thing directv has going for them and they kind of cornered the market on that.

If they drop FX I will most be leaving directv once my commitment with them is up.

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

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Glad you got so pissy over something that wasn't even Dtv's fault. Maybe before you go spitting retarded statements, you will check the facts first.

Fox was the one pulling the channels, not Dtv. Loser


I just now switched to Dish TV - Must have FX & SOA !!!

Dish is running great promos - I'm getting better package, more receivers for less money, also I'm getting the NFL ticket for 3 months free and than $33 [maybe less] after that..

You should really check them out - like I said have no intention of missing any SOA!

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