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DirecTV is a money-hungry company that will do anything to steal your hard-earned money through hidden fees and gimmicks. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT ever engage yourself in a contract with this terrible vendor, and I will tell you why.

To start off, I wasn't able to get internet service at my apartment complex without getting DirecTV. I could only get internet by purchasing TV from DirecTV and internet from AT&T as a bundle. If this isn't robbing people in blind day light, I don't know what is. It put a bad taste in my mouth from the very beginning.

My rate was $15 a month for the first year of signing with DirecTV, and after a year, they raised it to $49 a month. From the very beginning, I told them that I wouldn't be willing to pay $49 dollars a month for the basic service. They told me, "It's fine! After a year, you can call back and negotiate your rate back down to $15, don't worry." So not only are they thieves, they are liars, because this clearly did not prove to be true.

When I received the $49 dollar bill in the mail, I immediately called the customer service, which is the worst that I've ever dealt with. I was on the phone with them for 50 minutes-- it took 40 minutes of holding, listening to propaganda about how great the company is, to actually get someone on the phone. When I finally got connected to a customer service representative, they told me they could lower my rate down by $5 and that's the best they had. I asked them why they value new customers over existing loyal customers, who have been paying their bills on a regular basis. They then proceeded to tell me that they value all customers the same, yet, new customers get a $30 dollar discount, while existing customers are eligible for a $5 discount, and that's only if they call to complain. Interesting to see how much existing customers are 'valued.' I then asked to cancel my account, at which point, I got put on hold for another 15 minutes. When I got connected, the customer service rep told me that there was a disconnect behind what the company offered and what I wanted. He told me that I just had the basic TV, and directv didn't specialize in that. He told me that I was behind the times, which was probably why I was dissatisfied. Really not a great idea to insult one of your "valued" customers and someone who is trying to disconnect from your service. I am now stuck with paying a $220 disconnect fee, which, by the way, they didn't explicitly tell me about when I connected with them.

And you wonder why young people don't want to buy TV anymore. A word to the wise, DirecTV, if you want to maintain your market share amongst young people, lower your prices, or improve your service. You can't claim to offer great service, when your customers can't even watch TV when it rains or get in touch with a customer service rep without spending an hour on the phone holding.

You are not worth one single penny, and I will let all of my network of friends and colleagues know this. I hope you remember our conversation, as well as the many conversation like ours, when you are watching your business dwindle and asking yourself why.

Reason of review: ALL of these are issues..

Monetary Loss: $220.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Directv Cons: Unfair charges, Rude customer service reps, Long wait time, No tv when raining.

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So you already admitted that you didn't read your agreement, because if you had you would know about the early cancel fees you where given a promotional offer for the 1st year capital one gave me 0% interest for the 1st year do I have a right to complain when it goes up no I can take the offer they have or find a new credit card that simple. You sound like a spoiled child throwing a fit because you didn't get your way you agreed to the offer take the $5 off or pay the 220 or watch your credit go to *** either way this is FULLY ON YOU DirecTV has done nothing wrong


I don't see an issue I went to their site and the prices are clearly displayed