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After reading all the complaints listed here, I wasn't surprised at all. After 10 months of going through 2 hour phone calls every month because my bill was always different and nobody here orders pay per view???I had told them that I would be moving and going back to cable, when I told her that she informed me of that b.s.

$400 cancellation FEE OHH NOW, I got pissed really pissed and tired of talking to walls,I WAS NOT TOLD ABOUT THAT FEE! Ok, that's it I took off the gloves and reported them to the BBB and guess what I got a call from a mang from DTV apologizing about everything. He reviewed my acct and numerous amount of phone calls I made to them and put me at a leveled monthly price of $79.99 with all the movie channels and hdtv included on a month to month basis no cancelation fee and when I move if I stay with them nothing will change and there will be no additional charges for the move either.

I haven't moved yet and I haven't made up my mind either if I'm going to stay with them OR NOT.mY ADVICE TO YOU IS DONT WASTE AS MUCH TIME AS i DID CALL YOUR LOCAL BBB! We can not let them scam us like this anymore.FIGHT BACK!!!!!

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