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My entire family has had Directv for years and my parents have had them since the company was called Primestar. When I moved into my apartment, my fiancé and I decided to call and price check a couple of companies for cable and internet. We called Directv first, and explained that we needed internet and cable. The representative told us that since we were bundling, we would get $10 off a month as well as the $10 off for a referral. He told us we could get cable and internet for $29.99 a month. We asked him repeatedly if that was the complete price we'd have to pay for both and he said yes. We knew how much the competitors charged and just knew we couldn't get a better deal than that. We scheduled an appointment for the internet setup (Nov. 30) and Directv (Dec. 1). When we went online that night to check the account information, we noticed that they had my fiancé's name wrong. We called the next day to correct it and they told us they couldn't just correct it but would have to cancel our account and create a new one. Annoying, but necessary. That night, we checked again. Directv didn't even have our apartment number on the account. We called to see if they could just add it and they said no and proceeded to say that unless the apartment number was on there, we couldn't have our equipment delivered and installed. They had to cancel our order...again...and re-create it...again. This time, everything was set and the rest of the week was quiet. Friday (Nov. 30) rolled around and when afternoon came and the internet guys still hadn't arrived, we called to find out what was going on. Apparently, when they cancelled/re-created our account the first time, the lady never added the internet back on our account! They added it, rescheduled the internet installation for December 6th and confirmed we'd be paying $29.99 after the $20+ had come off for our discounts.

The next day, the Directv man showed up. Not only could he not get into our apartment building (apparently he doesn't know how to look for the name and hit call), but he drove past the entrance to the parking deck THREE times...while on the phone with us...and still told us he couldn't find it. He ended up parking in a side alley and taking the elevator. When he first walked up to us, all he said was "I have some bad news. I don't think you can have Directv here." I looked him straight in the face and told him that we could and we had two Directv dishes on the decks of the apartments right next to ours. He stuttered and then followed us to the apartment.

For those of you not living in apartments, Directv requires us to get a "Dish approval" form from the apartment management office and the Directv technician must ask for it and read it. Well, this guy clearly had no idea what he was doing. I gave him the form, but he never read it. In the form, it stated that no screws or nails were supposed to be used during installation and now we have 4 of them on our deck and one inside our apartment. I know that seems trivial, but if our apartment complex charges us for them, we have no choice but to pay. Anyway, we live in the city and we have a skyline view. When we first called Directv, we asked them to please give us the smallest dish they had. They never asked us if we wanted the HD receiver and they never asked us if we wanted the Genie. We never told them we wanted either of those. The guy brings us this monster of a dish and mounts it right in the middle of our skyline view. It legitimately blocks the whole view and we can't even stand on that side of the deck. He left at 11am, Saturday morning and I was on the phone with Directv at noon to talk about the dish. That's when they informed me that we had the larger dish because that's what we needed for the HD/DVR receiver...which we never asked for! The lady was really nice and told us that we had 14 days to decide if we wanted the smaller dish and no HD/DVR or if we wanted the dish moved. During the 14 days, the service would be free and after that, it would cost. I told her that I had to talk to my fiancé and I'd call back. She said no problem, went back over the bundle and the monthly cost with me and we disconnected. After deciding that we wanted to downgrade our service and get the smaller dish, I called again. The lady I spoke with had no idea what I was talking about and said she'd have a technician contact me in 20-30 minutes. Forty-five minutes later, the technician called and informed us that they wouldn't touch the dish because it was a liability. They told us we'd have to hire a 3rd party to remove the dish and leave it there and then Directv would come out and move it or replace it but we'd still have to pay the technician. I was pissed and got off the phone.

A few hours later, I called back and talked to yet another customer service representative. She told me that they could come move the dish but she said my service would be horrible and it would cost me $75 for the technician fee or I could replace it with a smaller dish and pay $45 for materials and $75 for technician fee. I explained to her that it wasn't like I was keeping both dishes, that they were getting their merchandise back. I wasn't about to pay them MORE money when I was downgrading my service. I hung up. That was day 1 and that was 12pm-6pm spent on the phone with them.

The next day, we decided that Comcast would be a better option for us. It was more expensive, but we would get faster internet and no dish. The Directv technician stood in our livingroom and told us we had 30 days from the day of installation to cancel, free of charge. He said after that, we'd be charged $480. Less than 48 hours later, I called Directv to cancel it and they told me that if I cancel, I have to pay a $460 cancellation fee. After the customer service representative shut my service off (BEFORE I CANCELLED IT), I asked for a supervisor. I explained the whole ordeal to him and he couldn't say much more than, "We can't credit you the cancellation fee, you had 24 hours to cancel". The only piece of paper we signed was the form the technician gave us. I read it before I signed it and I have it in front of me now, no where does it say anything about "24 hours". I told him that and he said that the company had sent me emails with links, to links to places that stated their 24 hour cancellation policy. I told him point blank, "What sense does it make to send something like that to someone through email WHEN THEY ARE ORDERING INTERNET THROUGH YOUR COMPANY? That clearly means that I don't have internet and can't read those emails." He stuttered a bit and repeated again, "We can't credit you the cancellation fee, you had 24 hours to cancel". At this point, I was shaking. I told him that the technician had told us we had 30 days and the supervisor told me that the technician didn't represent the company. I'm sorry, but if you walk into my house with a company badge on, you represent that company. Why would I NOT believe someone that works for a company, telling me about that company? I talked to him for an hour and said all that I needed to say. I was never rude, I never yelled, but I got my point across. Accepting the fact that I was stuck with them, I called my mom (who, as I've said before, also has directv). She was pissed and called them to ask another representative about it. The lady was super nice and my mom ended up setting up a 3-way call so we could all go over everything. She set up an appointment to move the dish and then asked me if I still wanted the standard receiver I had ordered earlier that day. Uhm. What? Apparently, the first Directv representative I talked to earlier that day, ordered me a standard receiver, for no reason. Dumbfounded, I cancelled it. Then I started asking about internet companies to see if they had any providers with faster internet. Since I wasn't going to be switching to another service any time soon, I wanted to see what I could do with what I was stuck with. She was reading through them and said we had the fastest and cheapest one they had, but that she didn't know how much it was. I was confused. I told her, well that's included in my bundle. We're paying $29.99 a month for cable and internet. She said no, that $29.99 was JUST for cable and that they didn't know what the bill from the internet company was. I was furious. At least 4 customer service representatives had lied to me. So my fiancé called the internet company while I stayed on the phone with my mom and Directv. That's when I got one of the biggest shocks of the week. The internet company informed her that our service through them was going to run $59.99 a month but because we bundled with Directv, we'd get $10 off...bringing our grand total (JUST FOR INTERNET) to $49.99. Well, we cancelled that right away. I couldn't believe it. I was in complete awe. This company lied to us so many times, no two representatives told us the same thing, AND now we had to find another internet company.

We're still quite pissed off about the whole ordeal. We've gone with Comcast for internet and...well...we're stuck with Directv for the next 2 years unless we magically come up with $460.

Bottom line, don't believe anything they say. While the deal is nice...what comes with it is more of a headache than it's worth.

Monetary Loss: $460.

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If your whole family had DirecTv then surely they couldnt have been that bad. Most companies contract technicians in different states to install satellites it is not uncommon.

I do agree with you the technician should have advise you of the 24 hour cancellation, but he gets paid per job. And judging by your statement although you were upset about your view I am sure you were not being to polite to him.

And you probably get upset by me saying that, but why in the world would he hurt his money for someone who was probably being a *** and talking down to him because he got lost.... moral of the story read your contracts

to helpful #589060

I was actually really polite to the service man. I'm too shy to be outright rude to someone.

He flat out told us we had 30 days to cancel, so I'm guessing not even he knew about the 24 hours! My parents only keep them, because they have the same contract they had back when it was prime star-and that contract has a lot o special benefits that are no longer available in new contracts. I would have read the contract, if I had been given one.

They said they sent me an email with a link to a place that explained the contract, but I didn't have Internet...which is why I was bundling an ordering it through them! There's just no need for someone to be so shady and to treat someone like that.


If something sounds too good to be true,it usually is! this certainly holds true for DirectTV!

You might benefit from reading all the complaints about them online and kind of get an idea what you may face in the next 2 years. I am sorry this happened to you or anyone cause I'v been there done that with DTV. The number one thing I would advise you to do is to pay them with money orders and keep all the receipts.

If you are paying them through autopay,you need to find a way to change this and change your bank account # or credit card whichever they have on file for you.It is a lot of trouble but it may save them from charging your account later on for. For the record,do not put anything past DTV,they are the dirtiest company and there is no dealing with them,they lie and you never speak to the same person twice.

to Anonymous #589062

I completely agree. I understand that companies need to make their money, but there are other ways to do it.

They would get a lot more business if they were honest, but in these days, that's really a lot to ask for.

We're currently set up for autopay because that allows us to continue getting different advantages that we wouldn't get if we didn't have it. However, if overcharging becomes an issue, we'll for sure be changing that.

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