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I had signed a one year contract with Directv when I first moved into my new apartment. At the end of the year, I was planning to me to a place that would not allow me to have Directv (The apartment complex had a deal with Comcast).

I called comcast and let them know, and they proceeded to laugh and tell me that I was signed in for 2 years and they would have to charge me IN FULL the amount for the remaining year PLUS an early cancellation fee. I even explained that when I moved into a place that would let me have them, I was planning on returning. I had the agreement and told them again it said one year. The rep hung up on me.

A day later I looked at my bank statement that was tied to my account, THEY REMOVED $400 + withouht even having my permission or even making me AWARE of the ammount. I contact the Better Business Bureau immediately and with 5 days, all of my money was returned plus some. These people are rediculous, they get you with false advertisment, and up the price after a year. Not to metion the HORRIBLE customer service I recieved througout my time with them.

I switched to Comcast......THEY ARE A DREAM COMPARED TO DTV. They are very eager to make you happy, They have refunded my account any time i have even the slightest problem with my service.

I suggest contacting BBB and then getting the *** away from DTV. :)

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Lets see you are hetting 20 dollars total off your bill for missing a few channels for 9 days in the middle of summer.....that is actually a good deal. Even if ypu subscribed to allthe channels lost i bet you didnt watch all of them 24 hours a day....i bet you only watched one or two a couple nights a week.

It is not like you would die...or did die, or became deathly ill without the channels. Get over it and stop being a baby....this had no life changing impact that willl affect you until the day you die


Last Nov I changed from Dish to Direct and may God help these jerks. They sent a dumb *** off to install.

Makes a sony big screen my sceondary t.v in my living room. Then the little *** doesn't hook up the H.D to it. They don't want to fix it. They give me anappointment its going to take a week between 8am 1200am.

They aren't going to show I know because thier jerl offs. I was right a *** off calls have you heard from him yet. I said no *** off you aren't going to show I knew this was B.S. Well says the *** off he had a meeting in shervesport la.

this morning. You sent a repairman to a meeting over two hours away at 8am this morning that going to fix your mess between 8amm 12pm today. Thats two hours away one way.

Bunch of simple minded #$^%&*&%$#. So the moral of this story is if direct t,v calls you tell them to go %$#& ^%$#@*&^%% and have a nice day.


Directv blows. I called them to see how they were going to make up the difference between my bill and the reduction of service.

I was offered a measely $10 off my bill for 2 months, wow.

I am all for a class action against them, Directv has breached our contract! :(

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