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I really wish consumers would understand how things work. DirecTV or any other provider has to sign contracts with tv stations to broadcast their networks.

When they charge more, you have to pay more. I worked for dtv as a customer service agent and i was tired of people just calling dtv and complaining about losing a station.

call up the television station and tell them off because once directv give into their outrageous demands(im sure this dispute is over money), then your bill goes up.

Also many customers need to make sure that they READ what the sign. There are times when DTV is truly at fault, but 85% of the time it is because people did not bother to read.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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A replaced piece of equipment does not extend your commitment...but upgrades do


DirecTV lies to get people to sign up. The prices you are quoted are NOT what you are billed.

There are added fees for everything. Extra money at installation and monthly addon amounts for receivers that are never mentioned. We were very careful to ask specific questions even down to "please quote me what my bill will be with everything included but the tax". Even that didn't work.

Still $24/month higher than the quote. Stay FAR FAR away from this company.

When our two years is up I'm gone. :( Counting the days down now.


I have worked for several companies and I agree that if the company is at fault they will take care of the issue but the majority of the time people don't read what they sign and then later they get mad.its understandable but how can a consumer expect the company to he'll when u don't call or when u don't read.yes in a perfect world it is like that but if u buy anything u need some kind of insurance for broken equipment.but I'm saying I agree not always is the company at fault there are things that sometimes are done that the company tries to avoid but every company follows contracts and guidelines.think about it


When signing up through the phone, there was no chance of "reading the agreement". Our experience with DTV was horrible.

Tons of misinformation(??lies) and they would not own up to it except "sorry for the inconvenience" Writing to DTV president's office and you get a canned reply. Sales department can not view your record after hooking you in. You have to call customer service and speak with an apathetic rep. Do not give them your credit card info unless you are 100% sure.

We were told that the card would be charged 1cent to verify our credential. Not true, it was for first month charge. We were told that first month would be free in case of any kinks. Not true, they charge you first month right at the spot.

We wanted to verify if our favorite channel was included and the answer was yes. Not ture. With our 2 year contract, the price goes up the second year. we were told that the $25 "Advanced Receiver Fee" was one time, first month only.

Not true, they charge this every month. They said that they could bundle you with 24 MegaBytes high speed internet for cheap ($20-$25/month). (24Mbit after I asked them to double check) Not true, it would be around $65/month. In addition, since we were still with Uverse internet, they could not even bundle Uverse for us.

You will lose internet for a while. If you really want DTV, you might want to talk to AT&T, they said that they would quote 24 month flat rate.

In addition, DTV try to sell you maintenance/insurance because they will charge us for sending service personnel to fix/replace their faulty equipment...


In A Perfect World.... Direct would be honest,they would not hide their 2 yr contract in microfine print on the back of a work order.they would tell the customer they are signing a 2 yr binding contract.They would be honest and tell customers by giving DTV their credit card or bank account #'s, this allows DTV to debit their accounts at any time for any reason.DirectTV would not instruct their CSR's to knowingly lie to the customer knowing there will be no proof of what is said because it is a phone call.

DirectTV would replace their broken equipment free and not add another 2yrs to the customers contract.DirectTv would actually provide the services that are promised at the prices promised. Most people would not mind their 2yr contract but to be lied to over and over by DTV is just unacceptable.It is all about money for DirectTV and I hope customers continue to tell everyone they know to stay away from these vultures