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My son, who is deployed to Afghanistan with the U S Army,

was a DIRECTV customer. I returned his equipment soon after

his deployment and received a bill, dated 04/27/2012 that showed a

credit balance of $3.61. On or about May 30, 2012, I received an

invoice stating he owed $51.34 for a UFC fight on 09/19/2011. I called

and asked for verification and was told they would send it to me. On 6/06/2012,

I received a letter stating they had turned it over to a collection agency.

The bill was dated 5/27 and on 6/04, it was turned over to a collection agency.

Only 8 days from date of invoice. I called them and now they won't speak

to me because I'm not on the account. Even though I have spoken to them

numerous times over the past couple of months. I have power of attorney and

they want me to mail it to them. I have no problem with that, but in the

meantime, they will report it to the credit bureau as a non collection. This

will have a negative effect on my son's credit score and he has excellent

credit. I have tried to just pay it, but now they won't let me pay over the

phone. They just transfer me to another dingbat.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

Monetary Loss: $51.

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You are way off base on this. I am an authorized person to speak on my son’s account. Directv never asked for a copy of the POA until I questioned the charge.

This was after they turned it over to a collection agency after only 8 days.

I was not looking to change anything on his account, just verification of the

charge. Had they asked for the POA when I first started dealing with them in

March, I would have gladly sent a copy to them. How many POA's would take the time to actually question a charge?. Most would just pay the invoice. This is what Directv is hoping for.

Most military have their services stopped just days before they deploy and the

POA is left to handle any extra charges. Hopefully, ANYONE, would question

a new charge showing up after 8 months have lapsed. Unfortunately for the service

member, many will return to the states and find a black mark on their credit report.


Most people that travel, military or not have secondary authorized users on their accounts for all bills. It is in the safety of the account holder that only authorized users can make changes.

There are many dishonest people out there that could say they are the mom or some other relation and make all sorts of system changes that can negatively affect an account holder. Imagine if a pissed off ex called in and said i want you to disconnect the whole system and it is okay i know the account holder he is over seas and cant do this himself. Then the system is turned off equipment never gets sent back and the account holder owes the cost of the equipment and any early cancellation fees. All from promise of it being said it is okay i know the account holder.

Imagine if a bank orcredit card card allowed changes based on word of mouth on a phone call. Everone should havesecondary authorized users on all services for emergencies and travel.


DirectTV will target anyone they do not care who you are whether you are a senior citizen or soldier they do not care.They probably did not sent verification because they have nothing to send,they often charge for movies long after the equipment is sent back trying to get more money form the customer knowing you can not prove you did not get the movies.I have read many complaints and this is a common practice of theirs.


Actually, Directv has credited his account and he has a zero balance. I never disputed that he owed the money.

I was well aware of the access card but, having never used Directv, I didn't know if he was being billed twice. I just wanted verification. I was ticked because they didn't send verification and turned it over to a collection agency after only 8 days. Do you pay bills when you have no knowledge that the expense actually occured?

As for targeting soldiers, they were targeting "my soldier" and knowing he was deployed,they could have worked with me better. It might have been a bad choice of words on my part, but just think of the soldiers that are deployed and don't have anyone to take care of these matters. Also, since I'm female and my son is male, it would have been very difficult to pretend to be him on the phone. I wouldn't have lied anyway.

I am legally allowed to speak for him by way of power of attorney. That's why they sign the form before deploying.


First of all, you think they targeted your son because he is a soldier? The fact that you son is a soldier has nothing to do with the ppv order.

When you guys returned his equipment, the boxes had little cards in them. Some customers by a glitch are able to order ppv events and regular ppvs without a phone line connected and they never see a charge for them on the bill. When the equipment is returned the card is scanned and the ppvs show up then. The equipment never lies and that ppv was ordered.

That is why you are seeing the charge now. Now to say they are scamming our soldiers? B.S. They do that to everyone who orders ppvs and is never charged.

My advice to you if you are trying to call in. Just claim to be him say your John Doe or whatever, they can't tell you that you are not.

But they will tell you the same thing I just did. There is no way to get rid of that charge because it is a valid one.