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I live in a small town called Bunker, Mo, population 400 and 28 miles to the nearest grocery store. I USED to be a customer of yours until October 15, 2011 a day which changed our lives and we will never forget.

Tragically we awoke that morning to our house on fire. At the time of the fire 4 of my 5 children were in the home asleep, luckily we all made it out and watched our home and EVERY belonging (as well as your equipment) perish. A few days after the fire I contacted your office and explained our tragic situation and was ASSURED that I had been paying insurance and that the receivers were covered and when we got settled in our new home to call and y'all would send out the new receiver’s and install my new service. I was feeling blessed that y'all were so understanding and so when it came that we settled on a new home in January I called to have our service set up for installment and get the receiver’s, boy was I wrong.

I was told that in order to have my Satellite reinstalled that I would have to pay for the installation and that because it was a fire that the equipment (3 receiver’s HD DVR's) would be considered a personal loss (no kidding, everything we lost was personal) and that my homeowner insurance would be responsible, unfortunately I explained that we did not have insurance and was told that then I would be responsible for paying for the lost receiver’s as well as the new ones. I could not afford that kind of cost at the time (or now) so I asked for my services to be suspended on vacation until I could pay to cancel my contract. We had to pay out of pocket draining all of our accounts to replace our home as well as gather new belongings then bam my husband gets taken out of his job due to a back injury and has been going on 5 months of NO income scraping and scrounging to pay bills and try to have Christmas for my kiddos. THIS IS WHERE EVERYONE NEEDS TO PAY ATTENTION....I just happened to check my bank account and noticed that I had $30.00 left in it to my gut wrenching surprise 2 WEEKS, I repeat 2 WEEKS before Christmas DIRECT TV Charged the Debit card I used to pay my last bill (before the fire) $879.36!!!!

I called your office upset of course and was told that Direct TV has hidden in your contract that in any way you pay your bill they have all rights to charge your account WHENEVER they want!! I explained the WHOLE situation again and was basically told OH WELL! So now 2 weeks before Christmas I can't pay bills or finish trying to make our first Christmas in our new home a memorable one I have to worry about you debiting out monthly payments because you won’t suspend our service until we get our disability or income tax whichever comes first. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for helping out the small people!

May you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

The point of this letter is not to have people feel sorry for me but to show how SHADY and LOW Direct TV is and how sneaky again 2 WEEKS BEFORE CHRISTMAS!! Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope that I can open eyes and save someone else from having to go through this ridiculous circumstance!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Installation.

Monetary Loss: $879.

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You can talk to your bank and ask them if they will reverse the charges for you.some banks will do this but you will need to change bank account #'s to prevent DTV from recharging the account. and do not give the new # to directTV.

or youu may need to open a new account. If you decide to stay with DTV and need a credit card for their files get a prepaid one.

i always paid DTV with money orders and kept the receipts that way they do not have your bank account #. I hope this helps and you have a nice christmas