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DirecTV is claiming that I signed up for another two year contract after my DVR broke they said it was a verbal contract so now they can still take money out of my account for an early termination fee and they told me they don't have a phone but they could give me an address to write in to see if they can dispute it I am a single parent of seven children and now their Christmas is ruined because of the money they took out of my account so if somebody knows how I can stop them from taking more money out of my account please let me know

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

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My advice is to call DirecTV with this information at hand. 1.) Ask to speak to the Retention Department.

(This is the highest level department on the call center floor.) 2.) Approach the Rep with a challenge. Explain you had a faulty receiver (whenever that happened) replaced and now are being told you are in another agreement and you would like to know how the order was processed. 3.) Find out if it was a warranty replacement (ERP SWAP) or processed as an upgrade. If the receiver was processed as a Warranty Replacement it can and sometimes does generate a false contract on the account.

When activating any recievers on an acct, the computer doesn't always decipher the differences between an upgrade or swap. 4.) Once you have found out how the receiver was processed, this is where you can ask the representative to help do a little defective work for you. Ask them to check your comments on your acct the first time you called needing a replacement. If your receiver was processed as an ERP SWAP, the contract is invalid.

Ask the rep to have their supervisor waive the ECF (early cancelation fee). Then ask for a refund to be submitted back to you. IF the receiver order was placed as an UPGRADE ORDER, then you need to ask the Representative if you were transferred to a Third Party Verifier. IF you were transferred to the Third Party Verifier, then the reciever was an actual upgrade, not a swap.

IF you were NOT transferred to the third party, then the order was placed in correctly in the system. Ask them to waive the ECF. ( now we do send emails regarding upgrades and contract terms.) But if you were not upgrading just swapping why would you check the email right?

All in all, stay calm. Keep your voice and tone void of emotion as much as possible.

I do sincerely hope this helps you.

As a DirecTV Retention Specialist it is my job to HELP customers understand policies and procedures. Good Luck and Merry Christmas.

@Directv Specialist

One question what percentage of customers lie to you,I work as a supervisor in OOP and they all try and say they never agreed then when told we checked the notes and show a xfer to TPV who noted offer accept they still try and(in this order) beg,demand,beg more(my favorite is I'm gonna be homeless),get mad, get irate,then demand another supervisor well when it gets to me that IS the end of the line unless you have Mike White's cell number (I just got the office number myself) when there is a mistake made generally it is fixed before getting to me P.S. CRG is not the highest levellevel on the floor believe it or not TEC has more authority to make decisions CRG can just give more credit W/O tl approval BTW do you work for VEN or dtv directly :grin

@Dtv billing supervisor

With the way you comment and post I can not believe you work for DirecTV still. Yes, SOME customers do lie, but the fact remains the same, give the customer advice.

A lot of times it is a falsely generated contract due to the swap aka replacement. Speaking for the company you should do so with respect towards a customer. Not bring up how SOME act. Not all customers beg, demand, beg more.

Your blatant lack of respect for any one shows loud and clear on this forum. You show no empathy.

Maybe you need some retraining. :zzz

@Dtv billing supervisor

I helped write cares this is not a call this is me on my own time


I agree, you may also be able to open another account at the same bank with a different account # (do not give the new# to DTV!) check with your bank. As far as the verbal contract goes anytime any equipment is replaced this automatically renews your contract. This is not the way it should be but DTV makes their own rules.


That is PURE bull the contract DOES NOT renew if you replace a receiver it will be a new contract if you upgrade SD to HD or DVR upgrade then you are told but 2 different people that your going to be in a new contract

@Billing Supervisor

As an actual Billing Supervisor you so state you are, you should be aware that ERP SWAPS DO sometimes generate false contracts. It takes persistence on the Representatives end of the phone to do some detective work and find out the reason for the contract.

Please give advice and not jump into defensive mode.You represent DirecTV. Please do so in your posts.


Only when upgrading equipment does it renew a contract. If replacing a faulty receiver, there is no contract.

In my reply to the original poster, I stated sometimes the computer generates a contract, but this is because the computer sometimes can't tell the difference between an upgrade or a replacement.

As for the charge for the early cancellation fee...If it is found that the agreement is invalid, then the original poster will receive a refund. As for changing account numbers at your bank. Most creditors can attach a follow order. Meaning, you may get a new acct number etc...

but they can still access since it is the same banking institution.

Talk with your banking institution to get more information. This may not be true in all cases though.


Your mistake was allowing someone to take money from your account. Now you know why this is never a good idea. As for how to stop them, just close your bank account and open a new one at another bank.