Well i am stuck with you for 2 years, how can i get out because you are treating me like a door mat. to this he actually laughed and said you think getting out of contracts is that easy ? if that would have been the case why would we have contracts ? if you pull out now you will have to pay some X$ multipled by the no. of months not served, i dont recall the amount but i was very upset and dejected until then thinking what did i get myself in, Its the worst customer care service, i insisted to speak to his boss who again was as stone faced as this guy and gave a *** about me on what i wanted.

I was just exploring my options and if he would have told me properly i wouldnt have got so upset, he ruined my evening as i had never faced such indignation from a service provider who i pay $75 a month ? :( .

You also do not get all the chanels you pay for.

Review about: Directv Customer Care.

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as with dish, direct tv is only worried about taking your money with lousy programming. i am tired of watching "brazilian" butt lift as a new sitcom.

when is corp.

america going t stop ripping us off with lousy service and proramming. please bring cable back.


Information was omitted by the sales person. They mailed the contract after the installation.

They did not deliver the DVR as promised, and despite a million emails they implied I never ordered one, and it would be a new contract to get one.

Even though I called within an hour after the sales man left they will admit to no wrong doing. I will spread the work as much as possible so this does not happen to others.


direct tv done me beter than dish would and i am very happy with it. :)


i have direct tv for 15 years and never had a problem.

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