After being forced to leave my apartment, I had to end my DirecTV contract 2 months early. I called and spoke to them, then was directed to write an email, which I did. Then I got a generic reponse that didn't address my request.

I called the original person I spoke to several times, but he never returned my call. I tried again from the beginning and was told that they couldn't do anything to help me over the phone and that I'd have to write a letter.

I took the time to write and mail a letter, which I have seldom been angry enough to do. Then they called me at home in the evening to hassle me and interrogate me about the situation. They kept repeating the same things over and over, insisting that I should have somehow anticipated being asked to move out of my apartment.

Then they put me on hold again only to come back and refuse to help and address my request. It was unbelievable. These are some of the worst business practices I've ever experienced.

What a nightmare!

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