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email your DirecTV complaints to ihatedirectv.complaint remove space before @ and they will be displayed at I have also created my own personal website of my horror story with directv at

To put my message and this whole site into context this class action lawsuit describes my grievances along with the fact that the service that I got from DirecTV was so horrible that it was practically unusable and the customer service handling my complaints was more than horrible.. after just 5 days of having DirecTV i just wanted out of the agreement and my money refunded but found out I would lose nearly $800 for canceling a service that never worked properly.. unacceptable!

ok here is my last e-mail to DirecTV


Just wanted to give you an update on my progress. I have made great progress in just 1 day! I don't have TV anymore so I have a lot of free time and now and with my recent encounters with DirecTV I now have something to direct my energy towards. There is nothing I like better than fighting for a cause that I believe is just. So far I have launched 2 websites and I chose not to register domain names so the websites can stay online indefinitely if I choose and I don't have to worry about paying domain registration fees every year. I have started a myspace site and have been trolling the forums looking for people who are undecided about subscribing to DirecTV looking for advice. (I think you know what my advice to them is) here is one such example another good method is to go to articles such as this one and leave comments this helps to bring together the people with disdain for DirecTV so they can email me their stories for me to publish, people who otherwise would have gone unnoticed because they don't have the technical capabilities to make their voices heard. I have Google news alerts for "DirecTV" so I can be first to comment on new news articles.. I hope to have a large collection of stories just like mine posted on both of my sites very soon, be sure to bookmark my sites so you can watch the progress. I will will be posting monthly Google Analytics reports showing where all the website visitors are coming from and I still have many other internet outlets to explore. My short term goal is to be able to prevent at least 10 new subscribers from coming to DirecTV a day by sharing my true story of horrible customer service and outrageous unjustified charges but my long term goal is to build a vast internet network with influence that prevents thousands of subscribers a day, I think with DirecTV's recent customer service reputation it will not be hard to build just such a network. I hope that the $322.59 DirecTV got from me and the $467.50 that is currently on my bill that DirecTV will surely report me to collections for is worth the hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue that I hope to inflict on DirecTV over the coming years simply by telling the truth. I am sure my credit will take a little hit but I would rather lose my credit completely than give another red cent to DirecTV. After my websites are near completion and I have built up a substantial network I will talk to my friends in the media to do news reports on my story "a grassroots movement to expose the unfair practices of DirecTV". That is one thing that I love about America if you have the determination, skills and know the right people then just 1 person can make a HUGE difference. That huge difference will be in DirecTV's bottom line. I am actually surprised that a national company built up such vengeance in me they are usually good with customer service.. The last company that angered me so much a few years ago was a small local repair company that did a horrible job and actually broke my digital camera on accident and refused to pay for the damages.. I launched a local campaign against them and was able to force them out of business in only 5 months, it took a lot of hard work and time but it was worth it on general principle. I don't expect to be able to put DirecTV out of business in 5 months no matter how much I wish I could and how hard I am going to try but I do think that I will be able to influence thousands of people from subscribing to DirecTV over the coming months and years and I think that will make me feel better knowing that I have made a difference. That is all for now. Have a nice day.

Sincerely, The customer you should have cared about

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I agree and am done with Directv. I have been a customer for 18 years and I am just done - calling about their screw ups, getting angry.

They can't seem to get anything right. It's just easier to quit. Period.

Lift the weight. How refreshing!!!


I have had Direct Tv for 8 years and counting and I am very satisfied customer. They always work with me, send a tech when needed, allows me to change my programmimg as I wish, applies discounts where needed.

I am sorry you are having a bad experience. But do read your contract, when adding/deleting packages always have them give you the ESTIMATED amount with taxes and all of what your FUTURE bill may look. If you get a rep that's rude get her name, politely hang up and call back request a supervisor and report it.

if a tech is rude the same and request a new tech. Sometimes is not the company but the people in it.


yeah if the installers dont want to do the job...they make up lies and all sorts of nonsense--the worst dumbest people...i dont get how this company stays in business...or why so many people want to go to them...theyre just one big scam and screw people over any chance they can get. Even having to fill out their rebates is a big scam to get people to pay the regular price...


wow im so glad i found this site. Directv is the worst.And as far as the guy saying the customer service is great, wait til he has a problem, he will find out how great they are.

I cancelled them myself, because of the horrible programming, picgture going in and out every time it rained. The installer told my wife when he was installing it not to get the internet throught them it sucked. Well i found out he just didnt want to take the time to install it. They advertised 29.99 a month but fail to tell u all the additional charges.

Anyway, i cancelled them 3 months ago and yesterday they decided to hit my account 4 times one day, and 3 times the next. All with different amounts totalling $635.45!!! And my bank told me they can do that because i used my bank card to pay my bill. So since i gave them my info they were able to take out this money.Now i understand there is fine print...which is used to screw people...but when u wait 3months and use someone's bank information to take money out that you were not authorized to do, last time i checked is a crime.

Criminal behavior which is what directv did. They are crooks. And for a bank not to notice, after was already brought to their attention and payment was stopped, that something was definitely wrong here when an account is being charged 4 times, with 4 different amounts by the same company their client was just in to complain about is rediculous. Banks are suppose to protect your money, otherwise why the *** would we put our money in it!!

So i am also on a DirecTv mission to bring them down. Oh and when i talked to someone in customer service about what was going on, Supervisor Kim Hill proceeded to tell me that they were going to continue to hit our account until they are satisfied its been rectified! The gaul of this woman. And they charged my account $200 dollars more than what they said we owed them.

I am behind anyone going after direct tv. And i am not just a upset customer that likes to make a stink out of things, I am 41yrs old and have never had this done to me before. I was a satellite and cable tv installer for 12 years.

So i know how things work in these companies. So im also on a mission to get my money back and hopefully help someone else and demand respect from these companies that take advantage of people.


i have tried absolutely everything to get out of it. i dont even get the super bowl on this ***.

i think i am just gonna pay the cancellation fee. my first bill i could have almost paid for cable for about 6 months.


not at all....i love my Directv....thepicture actually isclearer than cable and alot more HD...i signed up in a best buy....i saved $$$ for a year and then it went to the same price i was paying for cable....but such a better service than is the worst....i was paying 96 bucks for total ***. my Directv with hd and dvr is like 92 something a month now....but whatever...i have sooo much cool fun stuff to do....awesome customer service too!!!! i will never go back to sucks that 1 person didnt like it....who cares....


***!If all you *** people took half the time and energy to read your lease agreement,or even just look it up online,( funny that you found this site with no problem)as you did to blog about your own stupidity you wouldnt be feeling so ***.***.Fact!Directv is the best! Bar None!On top of you being the *** for not reading your lease agreement or doing a little bit of research on line,your a bigger *** for allowing someone,that no doubt you found yourself questioning as soon as you answered the door,to set you up at all.If it looks like a retard,sounds like a retard,and acts like a retard,then its probably a retard.And shame on you for allowing it to happen.


I signed up via the phone for a package and agreed to pay $45.99 a month for a year. I recently got a bill for almost $90 where the charges are as follows:

63.99 choice extra package

$10 HD Access

$7 DVR Montly + another $5 since the DVR is also a receiver

$5 Leased 2nd Receiver


$91 a month for what...***...lousy programming, poor remote control performance, and dont call customer get the stooges or the banana brothers to help is a total joke.