I had a been a loyal customer for 5 years until I moved and the trees blocked my reception, so I went with cable. After moving again, I couldn't wait to go back to DirecTv.

Now I am NOT near as happy as I was 3 years ago. The service has gone south, the products seem to be going away all the time, and now let me tell the best part.

I did the movers package to get my service after I moved in. Well, they couldn't find my account to set it up.

Then after another call, they set up an install date and time-6 days later. Well I forgot what time they were coming so I called...and they couldn't find my account again. SO---my wife was on the call this time, and at their suggestion, we were set up with a new account. No problem right.

They showed up 2-3 days later and installed my equipment. It was great. I had NFL Sunday Ticket for free and everything. Then, today I get a charge..unlawfully...for $222.02 for service and equipment fees on the account that was lost...and was supposed to be closed.

Not sure how they were able to charge me the money, but it came out of my account. Now, they will not refund the money until I return the equipment. BUT---they have to mail me the boxes to put the equipment in FIRST. How the HE(LL) can they charge me but not be able to refund my money until I return the equipment.

Oh, and they have NEVER asked for the money receivers back either. UUUGGGHHH. And this is the short version. It has taken at least 10 hours on the phone and I am still out my money.

I can deal with a lot of things, but NOT poor customer service.

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