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Let me make this clear. Because DIRECTV does not allow for any comments at all, I am here letting my comments be known about DirecTVs AWFUL service. Unfortunately all other satellite and cable companies aren't any better, so switching is out of the question. DirecTV has a unique opportunity to blow the competition out of the water. But they won't. So here I am.

In the past 6 months, we have lost all of our DVR recordings twice, had the SWM box and receiver prongs burn out together resulting in loss of sports games that were paid for thru packages, loss of recordings again and extra service calls. Then there are the channels that spontaneously change for sports packages while the recorder keeps recording the original channel. These are paid for channels, mind you. The SUnday Ticket blows my mind because the hundreds of dollars it costs for these games is a form of gouging when more than half the games within the packages are broadcasted on network channels; NBC, CBS, etc. So why should I pay twice for these channels when I get them already with a basic package??? That should be credited to my account! You are DOUBLE charging!

Then the service calls have been a nightmare. When we relocated, a hook up technician came out and told us we have no light of sight because of tree in the way, realized he wasn't going to make any money on our hookup, left his tools and our wires in a complete mess and took off. Hey, it was Friday and he wasn't making beer money off us. He training partner sat in our living room and bitched about their day and how they both made no money. So we had to get another guy out there who fortunately was like a boy genius with his satellite knowledge and snickered at the idea that one singular branch was in our way and that we in fact could get signal. But is this really necessary? Youre customer servicers on the phone are no better. They shut off our current boxes installed in the house while they turn on the boxes we are retrning to them! I have to do their job for them and have them repeat the box ID#s back to me so that I know they have the right ones.

Its truly amazing to me that we as educated people can grow ears on the backs of rats and yet DirecTV has NO backup system for recordings on the DVR. Oh! and then the box itself...if we are leasing the box from DirecTV why are we paying you 5 bucks a month for a maintence fee when we have the insurance already? You're gaining 5 extra bucks a month from us - youre like Bank of America and their *** monthly maint. fees that increase as your bank account decreases. Does that make any sense? Wait for it...No! It doesnt!

My husband and I aren't couch potatoes. We watch sports games enjoy our late night movies on the weekends after we've worked hard all week long. We are loyal customers regardless of your terrible service. I dont want FREE HBO for 6 months, I want due credit for the missed football games that were ended or boradcasted on network channels! I know this wont happen. So I have to complain instead. It makes me think that the days when there was only 3 channels available to everyone wasn't such a bad idea after all.

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