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i have tried to ask directv for 25% refund for paying for viacom but not getting channels... they will not post this on their directvpromise site...

had to come here... it's only fair that they give back for not getting channels we paid for? am i the only one that feels this way?? since last week we have not been able to see viacom channels, but we are paying for them, aren't we..

directv charges for programming in advance, so the money has been collected and directv has placed the money in their pockets..

is that right? there needs to be more action taken against directv for not having the viacom channels and not reducing their charges for those channels!!

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Are idiots. Go re read you service agreement.

So sorry you lost the channels for a week, your a dumb a s s not to think they won't come back on soon. So you call their 1 8 0 0 number? Your talking to a little 20 year old kid trying to make his way through college. They don't know when an agreement will be reached.

All they know is how to deescalate *** people. And first of all the viacom channels only add up to about $5 in total on your monthly bill. So, sorry they will not give you 25% and they shouldn't have to. You will get a monthly discount of like $5 or free movie channels just like everybody else and you will have to deal.

I hope you are in a contract (: hahahahahahahahahaha. If not switch providers.

You should really do it. You don't deserve DTV.


I called Directv on the 12th and the service rep assured me we would have our channels be back on within 72he's. Well still waiting.

Thank God our contract ends next month.

They lied, then tried saying other companies say things to get u to subscribe to them. Well I rather go where where I can get what I want to watch then stick with some company who lies

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