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I wanted to have directv installed in a front bedroom. Was told that it would be free because of the coverage I have.

Well when the installer got here he told me that to install dtv in the front room would cost me about $1000.00 - just to run the cable from one side of the house to the other. Then he was suppose to set up my HD. Needless to say that I only get HD on a few channels but I still have to pay for it because there must be a lose connection on my boxes.

It has never worked right since the installed put it in and I have called dtv several times. Rip off artist.

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Although directv STANDARD professional installation is free there are some things that can be custom and since the installers that directv uses are subcontracted (that means directv pays them one flat fee) they can charge you for custom work for things such as wall fishing this is where the installer has to run the cable down your wall and through a hole, hooking up your entertainment center, if its going to take more then the alloted 150 feet of cable, ect ect ect. However it does seem like the installer was trying to charge you an unfair amount.

ds desterano,

Directvs hd fee is $10, the hd extra pack if you so choose to have those extra like hd net movies, mgm hd ect is $4.99

SO with the hd fee of $10 that you must pay in order to get the regular channels in hd, and if you CHOOSE to have the channels that are just hd and nothing else is $4.99 all together its $14.99. So I have no clue where you get your $20 at.

Second of all, you can choose to own the receiver if you want, it does you absolutely no good because the charges are all the same, your just not in a commitment, and then its $399 to own just the standard hd ird with no dvr at all. Directv gives all of their customers and option when you first start service to get ONE $100 discount off an advanced receiver, if you already got that or you turned it down at that time, thats your problem, not theirs. SOME customers with any company who are truely "valued" that means they have been with the company for OVER THREE YEARS with NO DISCOUNTS OR CREDITS FOR AT LEAST TWO are usually entitled to something.

#58146 service..horrible picture...super expensive..they charge customers $100.00 for hd box(you never can get $back)..but they still own the pay another $20.00 for the hd channels..they really rip off customers...told me my 1 tv was bad thats why it wasnt working tv did same thing..they broke a antique german glass block window while doing installation...never told me..found out when i got water in my basement...stay away from really sucks

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