Up until my recent move, I have had directv for 7 years. I had two cable boxes in my home, one that I got originally when I signed up for Directv and another one I purchased several years later (Tivo Box).

My original box was faulty and last year I called to ask for a replacement box and I asked if I could replace it with a Tivo box. They said no problem and I recieved it several weeks later and someone came and installed it. Many months later due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to move and since Comcast's bundle deal was a better deal, I switched. A few weeks after I canceled my services I was charged over 200$ which without my permission was taken out of my bank account, which consequently made me bounce a few checks.

I called directv in outrage and their response was that I had signed an agreement when I received my new box for another two years of service and that they were allowed to take out that money out of my account. For the whole 7 years that I have had Directv no one ever mentioned that what I was signing was a contract and since when can companies take money out of your account without your permission.

They are thieves and I will never again recommend them to anyone!

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they took money out of my little brothers account, and my little brother isnt even on my account!!! When I tried to tell them that they took the money out of the wrong account and they needed to put it back, they gave me the run around and then stated that they weren't going to put it back!!!

Arhus, Arhus, Denmark #40034

I was charged for equipment that was covered by monthly charge plan! When I inquired they called it an oversite?


my brother was a DTV installer, and after a while they just quit paying him, though he was still required to purchase all the equipment he needed for each install. To date they still owe him 8,000 dollars which they have vowed to never pay him! Do not do buisiness with these guys if they screw thier own employees imagine what they will do to you the customer!

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