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DirecTV is totally misleading in their new commercial! They say that you get five months of free service.

I expected to see a contract or something but no, the "free" is $60/month. I think the way they are allowed to mislead consumers in their ad is totally unethical so I created a blog about it.

I'm also trying to start the #directvlies hashtag on Twitter.

Please visit my blog and leave a comment, or tweet about this unethical ad: http://www.deceptivedirectv.com I really want DirecTV to understand that we will not tolerate being lied to in advertising!

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um it is free service for 5 months with a subscription to nfl sunday ticket you got to read everything for signing up that is everyones biggest mis understanding read everything including all those small words.

but i got that plan and its 5 free months with a subscription to nfl sunday ticket

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