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I switched last year because I was sick of Comcast and their year later all I can say is that if I ran my business the same way as these two at best I'd be out of business.

The first thing you might notice is that you will pay a fee for HD programming as well as a fee for HD access and a fee for HD boxes. You will then notice that the package you have contains a whole bunch of channels that can be described as nothing but *** - shopping channels, dozens of Spanish channels, and religious channels galore.

Want to watch all the sports that they promise you? - Fee

Want to watch CBS in another time zone? - Nope

Buy the NBA package to watch local team - blackout

Want to watch a movie? - Pay per view

Want to watch HBO or Showtime? Add that package

Want to watch all the Disney channels - need to upgrade your package

You get the point, it's a sham.

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I find your comment ignorant when you say Spanish Channels are ***. Millions of people in the US watch spanish channels all the time.


Get out while you can. Don't ever accept or upgrade to a new receiver or your contract will extend 2 years without you signing anything !

But once the contract is active, they can and will get that $ from you.

And if you cancel early, they can and will charge you several hundred dollars for the cancellation. Then another few hundred for the equipment.

DirecTV SUCKS, their customer service is retarded. I once called in to cancel a football package (that I never ordered???) and they removed the football package and signed me up for the Playboy channel! I noticed immediately because I was looking at my online billing while they were making the changes on the phone.

So I called back and had to get a manager to remove the newly added Playboy channel. He offered nothing but his apologies.


Your new online guide sucks if this is the best you can do when my contract is up I am out of here

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