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Directv has a habit of not stating the conditions for service clearly. From the very beginning I was faced with charges that had never been mentioned at sign up.

The attorney general's office of the state of Washington sided with me and after much haggling these charges were removed. Now I am told that my monthly bill has doubled and I am obliged to pay them until next March unless I want to pay $200.00 to cancel. When I requested to speak with a supervisor I was left on line for a long time during which a company rep.

assured me that I had agreed to everything. I finally had enough and hung up.

My advise to everybody: do not deal with this company, they are croocks!!

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They turned us over to collections for early cancellation of service. We had direct tv for 15 years.

Makes me wonder if when you sign up that says you can't ever cancel unless you die. I bet it is in the fine print!


So true, they are the worst company I have ever dealt with; they cut off our service after we just asked for more TVs and it was inmposible to talk to anyone for a long time who made any sense; so many of their 'customer service' people talked to us as if we were suspects in a murder. Good product *** people!

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