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I've moved and wanted to take my DirecTv disc with me and upgrade to HD at the same time. BIG MISTAKE.

You can't do both online at the same time so I made an online upgrade and called in to change my address. I called back twice before the first installation to verify that the address change came through.

During the next 4 weeks I had made 4 additional phone calls. 4 different installers came by. Two went to my old address while I was waiting for them at my new place! Two came to the correct new address with a small ladder packed in the back of their minivan/suv. Not big enough to reach the roof of my two-story house! The last installer did at least put the cable through the wall and did come back the next Monday with a big ladder.

All in all very unprofessional.

DirecTv wouldn't send me the receiver and let me call my own installer which I suggested to them after 2 tries.

And the DirecTv service kept insuring me that the installer had the correct address but they clearly have no clue!!

They make me wait during a 4 hour window for the installer, that then doesn't show up .

And in the end they also didn't do the upgrade that I had requested.

DirecTv had me contact the 'REGIONAL Installer' to correct the address. That 'regional' company was located 1000 miles away in California (I'm in Seattle) !!!! They clearly have no influence on what's going on so far away.

A few weeks later I contacted a normal installer for an additional disc. He laughed at the suggestion to take a large ladder. Two story houses are common in Seattle!

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Emmett Charter Township, Michigan, United States #24602

I agree with Jake.

You should have done the move first and then ask for the upgrade.

doing it the other way meant that your upgrade went to your old address. so really them going to your old address is really your own fault. but the other bits I can understand your pain.

Piastow, Mazowieckie, Poland #24329

By what you said you ordered online for an upgrade, which means you ordered it to be set up at your old address. Then you called to change it to your new address but you didn;t set up a mover install. If you had called and told them you were moving first then the upgrade could have been done on the same order.

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