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We just noticed that we were being charged for the NFL Sunday Ticket. We have been paying for the last 3 months, but with 2 small children and a lot going on, we let the autoenrollment pay the bills and we haven't paid close attention until recently.

When I phoned Direct TV customer service I was appalled at how unwilling they were to help me, even after they confirmed that I cancelled the NFL Sunday Ticket last year on Nov. 2, 2012 with the expectation that I would not be autoenrolled this year. All I wanted was to cancel the NFL Sunday Ticket for the remainder of the year, since I am not a football fan (I was only enrolled as a promotion when I signed up for programing at my new home, and quickly cancelled) and do not follow football. Every rep that I talked to acted completely powerless to help me and the only thing I was able to recover were a few small token discounts (that would only be applied to my remaining installments of the NFL Sunday Ticket that I haven't and won't use anyway).

My wife and I are extremely disappointed as 11 year customers of Direct TV (10 at our previous location). We have never been met with such unwillingness to help us with an issue. And I think what is worse is that when I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was transfered to someone named Cedric who not only ensured me that one token discount is all he could give me, he told me that he was not able to autoenroll me for next year and that it was my fault for not autoenrolling after last year's Superbowl and that if I didn't autoenroll after this year's superbowl, I would continue to be charged next year. I was shocked.

Within 10 minutes and talking with another representative, she not only gave me another unacceptable discount, but unenrolled me for next year. What is going on with your customer service?

First I cancel a service last year, then get automatically charged 3 months before the season starts, then when I don't want the service that I cancelled last year, I'm told that nobody can help me. Amazing?!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $225.

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Maybe she unenrolled you for next year and maybe she did not...I had DTV for 5 months and I learned real quick not to believe a word they say if it is not in writing. Also,I'd never recommend auto pay with DirectTV because trying to get your money back after they take it is almost impossible.