Ok so I get DTV middle of last year with NFL Sunday ticket and they claim they send notification about renewal back in June but I am paperless and autobilled so I never saw anything that was not explicitly mailed to me...

I saw the dollar amount jump on my checking account for the service and find a $37.49 charge for NFL that I've never used... first of 6 installments. DirecTV tells me I cannot cancel and spoke with a number of reps/supervisors who insisted on giving me a hard time about it.

Prior to season 0.00 charges, then after season starts the charge comes through then you are not able to cancel is a pretty shady business practice. The money being paid out is the trigger and losing $225 is a pretty big deal so I persisted filed a BBB report, etc. and *finally* gotten a credit from DirecTV after many hours of dealing with them.

Ok my fault for not knowing about DTV Terms concerning sports auto-renewal and non-cancel policy, blah blah blah Doesn't mean I am not gonna raise *** about it.

DirecTV has generally been OK for me, but the lineup of full of 24hr "sell you some ***" channels for $70.99 is basically paying them to watch commercials which is pretty insane. As soon as my contract expires, it will be Netflix, Hulu, MythTV for me.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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...same here. Got the rope-a-*** (I was the ***) into NFLST promo for the 1st year.

Not realizing that the subscription would be automatically set to auto-renew, I started getting charged the the 2nd year. I called to cancel and the nice lady on the other end said they would cancel it.

Next months bill still showed NFLST so I called back to complain. This time I was told the cancellation "REQUEST" (not actually a cancellation) was rejected and that NFLST would appear on the bill til it was over.

My 2 yr subscription is up in a few days - I'm getting the *** out...


Yes this unethical practice by Direct tv continues. It is no wonder they are always ranked at the bottom of every poor customer service survey.


I had the exact same experience except I have been a DTV customer for over 4 years and never had NFL Sunday Ticket nor wanted it. I didn't know they had this auto-signup thing going.

Not auto-renew; auto sign-up. I am auto-pay and paperless and can examine each bill but rarely do after being stable for years. When I notice the monthly charge has gone up and investigate I discover that now I have been automatically signed up and cannot cancel because the season has started. I checked and yes there have been notices included in several months worth of prior bills, but I didn't see them.

So I just got ripped off for a season's worth of this NFL package and all because I didn't realize I needed to carefully read the bill each month.

I consider this extremely unethical, if not actually fraudulent. I am considering dropping DTV altogether.


yeah, they almost got over on me to. but as soon as i activated my service and had it installed, i read ALL the fine print and saw where it would "auto renew".

i called and raised *ell. after that i haven't had a issue, but i watch my bill like a hawk.


I had the same issue as well. I called and cancelled the NFL package, they say they are not sure it will come off my bill until the next bill comes out, we will see.


You are retarded. First off Sunday Ticket appears on your bill in June, the season starts in September, at the end of which you can still cancel and get a full refund.

How is DTV to blame for you refusing to look at your bill more than once a year?

Idiots like you make me laugh. Oh and you are fully told Sunday Ticket autorenews when you sign up with DTV as part of your disclosure but I guess since you don't, or cannot read, I guess listening is also off limits.

Well done ***.


Ok, so we all know you work for direct tv and get paid to write fake comments defending them because no real human would ever care enough about some tv company to attack random strangers over it. But that doesn't excuse your sick bigotry against learning disabled people.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself, what will your mother think when I tell her what you have done to shame your family? :cry


Is direct tv paying you to defend them.

And who are you to judge people.

Direct tv scams way too many people and they should be out of business.


Only had directv nine days. Already bilking me.


Even though you are paperless you still get an email copy of your bill...not to mention you can check your bill breakdown online on your account. I review all of my bills even for other companies and they are most all on auto bill pay and paperless.

It is our responsibilityas consumers to read our own statements and keep track of our own services. My emails from the water company are how i know when to keep my dogs in for my meter reading day,and unlock my fence so i do not get fined for not having it done.


Responsibility? This is simple fraud.

No company can legally charge a customer for a service they did not order. Period.