Directv Nfl Sunday Ticket Deal Reviews

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Price Affordability
Value for money
Product or Service Quality
We have battled monthly since starting our service in June.We signed up for ultimate service with NFL package (free with new account), and each month they have tried to charge us for NFL package and the three movie channels we were supposed to get for free for three months. Calling customer service has resulted in being bounced from ten different foreign customer service reps with no solution to this day. They claimed last month it was taken...
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Well the old adage nothing is for free.Especially if Direct TV tells you it free, with no obligations. Over a year ago, DTV called and told me a bunch of lies about free NFL Ticket. I said I didn't want it because I don't watch NFL just College Ball. Oh but it totally free with no obligation to you, why not try it and call us back in 60 days and cancel if you don't like it. Again with no obligation. Well I hit hard times and couldn't see paying...
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I liked
  • Cant think of anything now that im peeved
I didn't like
  • Cancellation fees
  • Customer service
  • Sorry cant help you attitude
I called DirecTV because I was told when I signed up that I would get the Sunday ticket. Come Sunday sure enough I do not have it. I called customer service and I was put on hold for over an hour to speak with a manager. In the mean time I keep calling back from another cell phone since it was taking so long and I was hung up on 3 times. Frank who is the manager was no help, he told me his manager is Michael Rodriguez, which I think he made up...
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Anonymous Same thing happened as I was on the phone with them on hold the message kept saying "free NFL ticket with qualifying plans". on the phone for 2 1/2 hrs with no result in the e...

I didn't like
  • Bait and switch lies
I am a new customer.I just canceled Comcast for this company who sent me a great deal, so I thought. They promised us the NFL package for the season for free. Did not show up came Sunday so I called. 3 hours on the phone getting the biggest run around, left on hold for hours, disconnected twice, then transferred to calls just giving me a busy signal. I try to cancel my service and again get a run around. I've only had this for 2 days and already...
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I liked
  • It was good until you got shady
I didn't like
  • Attempt to scam