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My services were interupted because I was paying for services i didnt ask for NFL package even though my bill was up to date I was paying an additional 41.99 per month for this service as a single parent making 13.50 per hour at a new job I just started in Aug, I could'nt afford it nor did I ask for this service. Direct Tv took it Upon themselves to add it without my permission and making me responsible to pay for it.

So when i called to question why by bill was so high the Supervisor I talked to said it was due to back payments totally ignoring telling me about the NFL package this was back in Aug 2015 I dont get a bill because I oppt to do online billing. I went a total of almost three weeks without service having to pay 119.00 in Aug and a additional 89.00 this Oct 2015 for basic service no HBO, etc...all going to this NFL package that I didnt ask for even in the bill online if you dont click on the box next to the package you would thick its an advertisenent not a billing.

When I signed up for this Direct TV I noticed there were a lot of sport I asked the installer to take out the sports I do not want them he said ok but i will still see some of them. I dont think its right for companies to add services unless people request them.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Maybe you should look at you bill once in awhile online or paper it was on there in August you choose to ignore it, the agreement was signed by you,you agreed to the charge now live with it and learn a lesson monitor your billing