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Advertised vs Delivered
Style and Design
the sneaky sports package got me.they took over $45.00 extra out my checking account,and claimed they notified me. employees nasty and scream at you. so called manager herb, the name he gave me, who knows, claimed he was at the top of the food chain and i could not talk to anyone over him. leaving crooks in 2017 when contract is done. sorry company their practice is to steal from customers. maybe the will go out of business when they cross more...
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If you had Sunday ticket last year be very careful ? Make sure you cancel by Aug 1 or it will be on your bill and they will refuse to take the 1st payment it off. If you had it last year it automatically revolves . Now even if you do cancel it via telephone , they will send you a bill and when you call to complain they RESPOND there is no record of any cancellation , that`s if you are lucky enough to get a supervisor and not hung up 2 x during...
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I recently called inquiring the NFL sunday ticket. It is now week 5 and was anticipating a pro-rated amount or a small discount for a long time customer. The first rep put me on hold after a half an hour and never came back. The second rep said there is no pro-rated amount and said there is nothing we can do. I have friends and several family members who have only been with direct tv for a few years who were able to receive a small discount....
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I'm in Delaware and just spoke with Norma who told me the same exact story.Now on hold. Total for over 43 minutes. I spoke with someone on 8/11 within my first 30 days and told them that we wanted the NFL ticket and was upgraded to a package that doesn't allow you to add the NFL ticket but was not told that on the phone at that time. Now we are outside of the 30 days and they are saying that they can't upgrade now.Seems like this might be a...
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I didn't like
  • No service
  • Unfulfilled pricing and bundle
  • Bait and switch with the lies
I have had the nfl package since 2008.The prices are getting rediculous. The past 4 years I have had to call because it wasn't working or only a couple chanels worked. Now this year I had to call again about the red zone not working. Now I'm being told that I have to pay another $50 for it. Then I decided to canx the package and am being told it's too late.So at the end of the season I will not only canx the nfl package but I will canx direct tv...
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We were excited to sign up with directv because they offered free nfl package for new customers. Also we have atnt so that made it better. Well football started and low and behold our nfl channels didnt work. Called them and they said "you need the choice package to qualify for the nfl package", no one said anything about that when we signed up, so we asked how much more is that? "Extra $30 an month" they say. Okay give it to us, we just wanna...
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I am a 14 year customer.I was never late on any bill. I was offered $5 off a month for 12 months and if I chose to lower my bill they will gladly do it. They will remove channels and therefore the price will be lower. In regards to Sunday Ticket they can lower the price but guess what you don't get max which has the Red Zone. There way of lowering your bill is to lower the amounts of channels you get. In other words they will not give you...
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I liked
  • Nfl ticket
I didn't like
  • Customer service
In June 2015 Directtv called me stating they were running a special NFL Package for $102.00 if paid in full with 5 payments $29.99.I paid my $102.00 on time to Directtv, since July 2015 I've had nothing but billing issues on their NFL Package, now July 2016 I am still getting billing errors added to my current bills for NFL Package 2015 they are stating I upgraded the package now. They billed me $41.99 for 5 times not the $29.99 they said they...
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I didn't like
  • Lack of concern for customers or what they are being told
  • Untrustworthy billing practices
Direct TV installed my new service today and did not leave a programing guide or what i purchased in programming so i called and requested one to be mailed to my home.They told me they would not mail me a copy of the programing i purchased. Stated i could print a copy of the programing from a email they could send. What a Cheap way to service accounts. Get the consumer to use there printer and ink for there product information. Why isnt the...
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