I moved to another apartment in the same building last Summer when I was one year into a 2 year contract. For some reason, DirecTV claims they cannot offer their service to me in my new apartment.

However, they will NOT let me out of the contract. So I'm paying for a service that I am not receiving. They will not let me out even though it's not my fault they cannot offer their service to me! I have spoken with about 10 different managers and they best they can do is freeze my account for 6 months, but after that, I will still have to pay for the contract even though they will not provide the service!!!!

Worst customer service EVER!!

Do NOT sign a contract with DirecTV!!!!

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I have similar experience with Direct TV. Taling unauthorize funds from my bank account, really bad installation.

Bottom line is, they are a greedy, arrogant, piece of *** company.

I am asking my congresswoman to open up an investigation of Direct TV. Given the thousands of complaints, I believe this is justified.


I had Directv for 2 years with few problems. Nov.

of this year the DVR/Reciever started shutting down and resetting by itself. I was paying extra for equipment coverage. when I called customer service I was told to start trouble shooting their equipment. When I refused I was told that no service tech would come out unless I did the trouble shooting.

When I asked what I was paying the extra 6 bucks a month for, he could not understand what I was talking about. At this point I told him to have a service tech come out or cancel my service. I could not believe the next words I heard.

He said "ok it's cheaper for us to cancel the service than to send a tech out for a minor problem" I DROPPED THEM LIKE A BAD HABIT. Funny how they were willing to take my 100 bucks a month, for 2 years yet did not care about keeping a customer when all I asked for was what I was paying for.

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