Not resolved

if all else fails

call 866.785.5536 for the CAT (Customer Advocate Team) or email

for the fon ask for rachel ID#Y4638, Grd ID#U1455, Ronnie ID#U5252 or lying Benjamin ID#X3323

for email jest put one of these agent name and ID in the subject line

BE WARNED these are well trained corporate sweet talkers, there is no way to get to elected officers, but you could email Ms. Filipiak at the the website BE WARNED this will get you right back to the CAT

None of these agents, their supervisors, nor the supervisors managers have ever read W. Edwards Deming works on quality customer care, will NEVER apologize for their behaviours (they will apologize for YOUR frustrations...huh?). In fact CAT agent Benjamin ID#3323 actual stated "I am not going to apologize for what DirecTV does" . then he changes this to "I will never apologize for any of DirecTV's policies and procedures" , then lied that he ever said the first statement even after hearing the recording that he told him we were making at the beginning or the conversation.

Never use the agents of CustCare, Billing, or Financial..they will offer bad information (fax numbers, resolution process, bad contact numbers , bad return fon numbers) but record ALL contacts will any agent/supervisor/manager including CAT

Always record any conversation with DirecTV, and well you talk with any agent at any level, ask to have that agent read your acct notes (record these too)

Wish you the best of resolution with this corporation... those fees you pay are used for the best corporate training and officer firewalls

here is there legal team that you can email:

Review about: Directv Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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