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I am a DTV tech support agent. My job is stressful. I was linked this page by a fellow agent, and after sharing some laughs, I decided to point out the inaccuracies.

1. "Directv charged my credit card without my permission for something!"

- ***. We are not all-knowing, we don't have access to your financial information unless you give it to us. When we take said information, we are required to read a script stating that card information is kept on file and will be charged in the event of unpaid cancellation fees, non-returned equipment, and so on. It's also in your contract, you know that thing you signed but didn't read.

2. "My service hasn't been working for weeks!"

- Why didn't you call us weeks ago, ***? That's what tech support is for. Did you think we'd like, just know it wasn't working for Joe Blow over in Tardsville, Tennessee?

3. "Customer service is rude and unhelpful!"

- Only when you are rude. Or even worse, rude and ***. Roughly half of my calls every day are *** mad at me because their TV says 'No Signal' on it. No, not 'Searching for Satellite Signal', but just 'No Signal'. How the *** do so many people not know what an input button is? Learn to operate your TV, ***

4. "My bills go up without warning!"

- Never. Unless you didn't read your contract, then yeah since you had no *** idea I guess I can see how you're surprised. Protip: read your contracts, follow directions. If it says 'Mail this thing in so you can begin receiving your rebate' that doesn't mean leave it stuck to your fridge, it means mail it the *** in. If it says 'this recurring credit is good for 3 / 6 / 12 months' then that's how long it's good for. If you're told 'This is only free for 3 months then it goes to regular price' then guess what, after 3 months it's not free anymore. Is paying attention that difficult?

5. "Viacomm / Pac12 / herpderpcomplaints"

- Viacomm and Pac12 are greedy ***. As much as you people *** about your bills, you should really care about this so listen the *** up: Imagine if you had to pay for HBO and Showtime whether you wanted those channels or not. Imagine if you had to pay for the Playboy channel whether you wanted it or not. Well, if the folks at Viacomm or Pac have their way, everyone that has DTV will have to pay for their *** channels whether they want it or not. Guess what people, most of the country doesn't give two *** about the Oregon Ducks and doesn't want to pay for it. DTV is / has been in negotiations with these companies to allow folks that actually want that programming to be able to add it on without stiffing the millions that don't. You're not the only person in the world that watches TV, get off your pedestal.

6. "DTV representatives lied and promised me things that I can't have!"

- No. You just bitched and moaned and assumed the quiet breathing on the other end of the phone was us agreeing with you, when really we're just taking a breath to calm down and keep from telling you how *** *** you are for expecting a free service call after you knocked your dish off the roof.

7. "Why should I have to pay for service calls? It's DTV's *** equipment!"

- Our *** equipment was installed in perfect working order. If you're too careless to take care of it, or too *** to pay attention to what cables look like, or too shortsighted to have service call coverage when you know *** well that you live in an area that has constant storms and high winds... I guess I'm just too tired of your *** excuses to care.

8. "I pay blahblahblah dollars a month just to get locals, it's so not worth it!"

- If we're able to get locals in your area, you can get on the family plan (which is like cheaper than *** cable) and watch locals. You have to know how to read though, I can see how that's a challenge for you.

9. "DTV renewed my contract without telling me!"

- BWAHAHA. Seriously? Any time a contract is made, it takes 10 minutes and we have to repeat the terms several times. It's a script. If we don't do it we get fired immediately. And after we're done doing it, we have to transfer you to a third-party verifier who tells you all the same *** over again, just to make sure it sunk into that spongy head of yours. Pay the *** attention sometime, you might be surprised less.

10. "DTV stiffed me and won't cancel my contract due to >insert valid reason here

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The employee above disturbs me. Though I have never had a bad experience with DTV service people, the arrogant attitude of the above responder to customer issues is horrible. I understand that some customer service reps need to unload or vent on some of their customer issues but really...some of this reps comments are employment termination offenses. If you feel the need to vent, do it with your fellow colleagues, not in a place where possible future customers will read your gripes and determine that Direct TV should absolutely not be subscribed to based on this reps comments.

Direct TV, I hope you monitor this site and others like it. The employee above probably can't be identified, but he or she should be, and then be terminated promptly for verifying all the customer complaints to be true and accurate. I have no serious complaints regarding Direct TV (one small one concerning customer loyalty) but I seriously wonder if I shouldn't cancel my subscription now knowing how this rep feels about your customers. Is this representative of many of your reps? Are most customers ridiculed for their concerns as this rep does?

I pay a lot for my service. If I have a concern or a complaint, it is your JOB to respond in a prompt and courteous manner. If you can't do that then find a job that you can perform properly. Trash collection perhaps. At least in that capacity you could do no harm by alienating prospective new customers and it would be something you seem more suited for.


You may be right about some things, but they should be more accomidating to long time loyal customers by giving them some of the free upgrades.




You tell them! It's "never" the customer's fault is it?

Some people don't have a clue.


I will admit it gets old going to the same customers home over and over because they keep messing with the dish, or their dogs dug up the coax and ate through it on 5 seperate occasions. And then the customer is rude to me because the FCC only allows me to do so much for placement.