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This company is all about customer service getting you to sign up, but try and get help after and you're more likely to win the lottery in all 50 states in one day.

We signed up for service in Oct 2007 after moving to our new house after doing extensive research, speaking with 4 customer service reps and 1 supervisor regarding packages and contracts, and each was very helpful and knowledgeable. We were assured that we didn't need a contract, since we are renovating our home and informed them that we would go without service for a period of time while doing such and would be cancelling in a few months. We had it installed 3 days later, we signed the "work order", which we read and found to our satisfaction. We inquired of the installation tech about a contract, he said according to his information we didn't have one. We were happy. Elated.

For 3 days that is. Until I found that they took almost triple our of our bank account as what our first bill should have been, without authorization. When I called to inquire, I was on hold for over 40 minutes before speaking to a woman who didn't speak English very well, so I couldn't understand her and she sure couldn't understand me. She kept repeating "We are sorry for any inconvenience, would you like to upgrade to HD today?" instead of listening. I finally got to speak to a supervisor and was informed, oops, they charged us for the original package we ordered, the regular price of the same package and for several other features we not only didn't order, but didn't get. They will fix it, but it will take some 2-3 weeks to adjust the next bill. The bill would show our credit. Not acceptable. We wanted our money back now. I asked why it was taken out, and was told we were enrolled in auto-pay. Not true. We were asked for a credit card to run a quick credit check, not to enroll. Our online profile shows Auto-Pay not enabled. He apologized and assured me we would get our money back in our account in 8-10 business days. WHAT!?!? They took it in less than that. I gave up trying to speak with him and said, fine, but what if it isn't there in 8-10 business days? Can we cancel without penalty? Oh, yes. You aren't under contract, and you'll be reimbursed for the remainder of your month you won't get service. Ok. 11 business days later money is finally returned.

Speed ahead to next month. Our bill isn't correct. I call to find out why, and after waiting on hold for 30 minutes am told that they wil credit next month's bill for the difference. Still not exactly happy, I accept and we have no problem until the next month.

Randomly, on a beautiful clear day our tv goes out. I reset the box, hoping that is the problem. Nope. So I call and after another 40 minute wait am told they show I have tv. I inform them we don't, and read the message telling us we don't subscribe to any channels that are on the tv. At all. Funny, we paid last month to be subscribed. She then says, oh, this is a technical problem. I will transfer you. Next guy says he will reset the signal. Nothing. Oh, yeah, you disconnected service yesterday, that's why. What? I did. I should have, in hindsight, but I know nobody did since my hubby is working out of town and I am the only other one here besides our 4 month old, and 2 dogs. Bad dogs, cancelling service on me!!! I deny this claim, and am told they will set it up again. Bam! Tv works again. I search online for this claim of cancelling, but don't see it on our profile. Oh, well. It happens.

Forward ahead to July 2008, where in the interim we have lost service for exactly 22 days and our bill has never been correct, not to mention the fee for the Protection Plus plan we didn't sign up for, that randomly showed up on our bill. We went without service for 2 days, despite my calling several times and being told it was being fixed. Finally fed up, I call to cancel. I am sent to the retention department, where they tell me they will fix it and upgrade us for free. No thanks. I am then met with questions why I am cancelling. Let me see, wrong bill, false charges, having money taken out of my account w/out permission, going without tv service for days on end? Hmm??? I am told that I only called twice, once to set up service and then again two days prior regarding not having service. Really? So what about the 20+ calls I made throughout the last 10 months? I am also told that it shouldn't bother me to lose service for a few days, it is really only pennies a day to have service (on what planet? It costs us $2.68 a day for service) and shouldn't be upset. Really? So I say then you wouldn't mind if we cancelled, since it's only pennies a day you'll be losing, right? It is at this time I am informed we will be charged $175 to cancel, since we have a 2 year contract. I tell her, no, we have not ever signed a contract. This is when I am told by having service installed, we are verbally agreeing to this. Call me crazy, but if this were the case, would there be over 3,000 complaints about just this point online? I asked to hear my verbal agreement, since they record all calls, she tells me they don't have it. It is understood. Well, we didn't understand. We don't understand. And we are going to cancel, regardless of what she understands. Now she tells me the final bill will be taken from our bank account after our equipment is returned. No, I want to see the bill first. well, now I have 10 days after they receive the equipment to pay. Ok, fine. We schedule the cancellation, and am told the cancellation number. I write it down. when the blessed day comes, nope. Not the next day is it cancelled, nor the next 3. Finally, 5 days after the original cancel date it is cancelled. Each day I called, I was told it was cancelled. they lied. I had checked daily. Now, i just wait for the boxes to return the box/remote. When checking our bank account, I see DirecTV has taken $343.61 out. The next day after cancelling!!!! I call, and am told they were authorized through auto-pay to do this. I am on the account online, and show Auto-pay not enabled. I demand the money be returned, as I haven't even gotten the final bill, and this is NOT what we should be paying. I am hung up on. (mind you, this is the 16th time in only 10 months of service I am hung up on over various calls) We call our bank, and they can't do anything unless we get a court order. ***.

So I contact the BBB and am told that I would need copies of all communications (lucky for me, I have all my emails, calls logged and our accounts for the bank and DirecTV at my disposal). I get the emails, calls logged (including phone records, since I used a cell phone), our bank account and log on to DirecTV to print our account information. Uh Oh. It has been deleted. Nothing there. I call DirecTV and they say since we cancelled, we no longer have an account. I send what I have, since we never got paper bills from DirecTV. The BBB gets a form letter from DirecTV standing behind their actions, and I am told they feel no need to resolve any issues. I then get a bill in the mail from DirecTV telling me we owe $270.73 for our final bill. I call and am told this is our final bill, and they didn't take money out on the 19th of July. Bull. I have my bank statement. I was advised not to pay any further bills by the BBB until this was sorted out. I sent DirecTV a copy of this letter. I have since been bombarded 3-4 times daily with phone calls from DirecTV. This really *** me off, since in the beginning of July I switched to a pre-pay phone, and changed my number with DirecTV. They call the pre-pay phone, wasting over the course of the next month and a half over $38 in money on it. When I answer the phone, it hangs up on me. When I don't answer, it goes to voicemail and sits with an open line for the max time, which is 2 minutes. I call back to DirecTV and am told they didn't call. Really? So I have this number, that when called back, goes to DirecTV, but it isn't them? Spooky. So I send them a bill for the money taken off my pre-pay phone. I also forward a copy to the BBB.

The latest update, since I refuse to pay the DirecTV bill, is that I will be taken to collections and my credit tarnished. All I have to say is, for all the trouble, time and energy spent on their part harassing me they could have hired ONE competent employee to work there. One of their ads on tv is that they have the highest customer service rating. I find this hard to believe. The only way DirecTv has the highest customer service rating is if they poll their own employees. Shame on DirecTV.

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