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This is my story:

DirecTV promised they will refund me the $175 through their Visa Reward promotion, if I disconnect my Dish Network service. Sure enough, I called Dish Networks, disconnected Service (their customer service start threatening me with $175 early termination fee (I didn’t care about this much, but the guy tried to make it a huge deal)), and had DirecTV install their toys in my house. 5-6 months have passed, and I haven’t received the prepaid visa card till now (12/26/2013).

This is the story of the 5-6 months waste of stamps, gas to go to the USPS, energy, time and printer ink:

1. I sent 1st rebate mail to

DIRECTV Winback Early

Cancellation Fee Offer

Offer #361-85

PO Box 753725

El Paso, TX 88575-3725

2. I Got notification from DirecTV to say the initial rebate mail doesn't include Dish Network bill statement to say ECF (very basic paper to say this); the statement was sent, but they lost it probably?

3. I Called Dish - they sent me the bill statement;

4. I sent a 2nd rebate mail to include early termination fee of $175;

5. I Got 2nd notification from DirecTV to say the initial rebate mail doesn't include Dish Network bill statement to say ECF;

6. I Called Dish again and after speaking with 5 representatives, they managed to e-mail me the last 6 months bill statements; Printed them out, put the rebate form again, and sent it over to DirecTV; I also Called DirecTV before sending the docs – spoke with 2 reps (to include a manager/supervisor); they said that the statement (which I read them over the phone) is fine;

7. Sent 3rd rebate mail with statement that included the Early Termination Fee of $175;

8. Yet again, I got notification to say the initial rebate mail doesn't include Dish Network bill statement to say ECF;

9. I submitted my objection online through DirecTV; Spoke with Ismael P (ID U5632) DIRECTV Resolution Specialist who was quick to ask me to resend the form to the same address, telling me that I have to do this again, as if I haven’t done that 3 times already. Hard to believe that. He even sent ma an e-mail with instructions on how to submit my rebate form. Unbelievable, again. I told the guy I’m a Computer Science Engineer – MBA in IT Management, not an *** not to be able to follow their basic instructions through.

10. Resolution specialist sent me over to Cancellation department, after I insisted I’m done with doing business with them due to their bad business practices and principles.

11. Cancellation department wants to take their lovely 7-10 business days to get back to me with a solution. No thank you; I waited 5-6 months; I can’t afford wasting another 10 days of my life waiting for their non-existent prepaid visa card of $175!

My wallet has an indentation of $515 to include $175 from Dish Network termination fee, and $340 early cancellation fee from DirecTV. Way to go, DirecTV.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Reward Card.

Monetary Loss: $515.

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They did us the same way. We switched from Dish and was promised a $ 200 pre paid VISA if we signed up.

Now they tell us we do not qualify? The rep. sure told us we did. Bad business practices.

It states it in the flyer we have also.

Now what do we do? The contract was for 24 months.


You got an MBA in it but can not give them the 10 days to try and solve the problem, did you help build government health care site, you either have too much money and don't care or you bought you "MBA" online for 19.95 and like to try and make people think your all high and mighty either way why would directv want to keep you anyway you have already demonstrated that you word means nothing by breaking your dish contract so thanks for the ECF money deadbeat

@dtv billing rep

I believe you are another of those guys not getting the point of this review, unless you know you are one of the people running such bad services to consumers. It is not about the money; it is about the principle. This guy must be smart to give them $515 now, than $2000 per year. He was smart to teach DirecTV a good lesson: no business continuation with an institution that does not keep its promise.

On top of this, he put all required information. You are not reading the whole story, but concentrate on negativism?! This world is so full of this. Sad, but truth!!!

All businesses should know that consumers are always right! Learn from this, DIRECTTV. I just hope other DIRECTV customers have the guts to give up to thei comfort and teach DirecTV some lessons. You will see how their business will be revamped.

This guy had the balls to quit doing business with Directv.

I have another vendor, but would have loved to join him.

@Andrew Costelo

Mr. Costelo, I’m glad you got the point of this message.

I’ll advice you continue to receive TV service through your current vendor. Thanks!

@Andrew Costelo

so next time you have a technical issue why don't you take your "always right" self and fix it?...

or better yet, when your child asks you for $2000 why don't you give it to them, because they're "always right" you see my point here?

@dtv billing rep

For 6 months I attempted to recover the promised visa reward card. You really believe it will happen in the next 7-10 business days? My trust for DirecTV is now under negative numbers (on a scale from [10, 0, -10], they are at (-10) now). Unless they send me the card by mail without even telling me, that trust will never grow toward positive grade.

FYI: My MBA doesn’t dictate if I should give them 10 more days to play the game. The point behind mentioning of my MBA to DirecTV is to show them that I’m not incapable of following their vague instructions.

I’ve deciphered lots of code, so think of how smart people are nowadays. :)


BFD... You have a degree and you can figure out basic forms..

Nicely done! M.oron


2 questions for you: “Youaredumb”:

A. Do you work for any of the above mentioned vendors?

B. Are you capable of addressing to people in a proper manner, online? If not - your comments are useless and not constructive. Therefor - please refrain from commenting, if you don’t get the main point of these notes. I might need to consider your answer to the A. question as being affirmative? If that’s the case, pardon my intrusion into “Youaredumb” world.