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On 03/17/17 we signed up for DirecTV, on 03/24/17 the installers came to setup the system, was based on a promotion of receiving a $150 prepaid card. The main (upstairs) system was installed without difficulties.

The installers (anywhere from 2-3 at any given time, including one supervisor) ran into difficulties installing the secondary (basement) system and suggested that we could call DirecTV and request the Genie Wireless Mini for THEIR CONVENIENCE. One of the installers suggested that we could ask for credits back, so there would be no additional charges to us. We contacted DirecTV and commmunicated the issue, and the representative we spoke to agreed to CREDIT back the $99 for the wireless mini, along with a $125 gift card to cover the cost of setting this up. The ONLY reason we agreed to the wireless mini as opposed to the hardwired system was for the INSTALLERS CONVENIENCE and the fact that we were NOT WILLING TO ENCUMBER ADDITIONAL CHARGES FOR AGREEING TO THIS!

We received the $150 prepaid card as agreed, but, we have never been able to obtain the second prepaid card of $125. DirecTV has been contacted the following times to rectify this problem, but, to no avail: *05/08/2017 - instructed how to validated and get them coming, and were assured the cards were coming. We later received the $150 prepaid card *06/21/2017 - spoke with Dulce, indicated we had not received the $125 prepaid card. We made a copy of the Reward Tracker Status 6-21-2017 document there were SEVERAL VISA prepaid cards pending.

Dulce indicated they were still waiting for us to verify, which we did (we made copies of each Reward Tracker). We did in fact go through the 'Approved' portion and the 'Awarded' portion for each line item (we have copies of all of this. *09/25/2017 spoke with Mary (call disconnected), called back and spoke with Natalie who transferred the call to Alex (her supervisor). The problem was explained YET AGAIN.

We suggested that we would either like to received the agreed upon $125 prepaid card or as a minimum, have our account credited the $99 charged for the Genie Mini setup. Alex indicated that neither he nor his supervisor could do anything about this problem. He was asked if there wasn't someone else at DirecTV that could help us. He indicated that NOBODY at DIRECTV COULD HELP US.

At this point the call was ended on our end.

There are ten potential $100 VISA prepaid cards identified on our status sheet, of which we haven't received any. This makes one wonder if this information is meaningless and just setup to pacify the customer or if DirecTV has a bigger internal problem in which employees are scamming the company via gift cards to intended for customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Receiver Installation.

Reason of review: Failure of DirecTV to honor agreed reimbursement of $125 for wireless mini installed at the convenience of installers..

Monetary Loss: $125.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Directv Pros: Viewing options offerred.

Directv Cons: We did not get reimbursed for installers convenience, Customer service reps unable to resolve problems, Website stinks, Once they have you as a customer the service goes away.

  • Poor Directv Customer Service
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