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This new interface is awful. The recordings list is a mess.

There is no way to get the list to stay in alphabetical order. It has to be reset each time you go into the list. The huge box that comes up in the list gives a description of an episode within the saved episodes but doesn't say which episode it is describing. Example I have 7 saved episodes of NCIS saved preview box describes one of those saved episodes but it doesn't tell you which one it is describing.

It should also be an option if you want the preview box to show or not. It takes up half the screen while you are trying to read the list. The box at the left of the list that showes multiple options such as Kids, all recordings, continue watching, movies, tv shows, last chance etc. I don't need to see that every time I want to search through my list plus it takes up half the screen.

When I want to go through my list I want it to stay in alphabetical order, I don't want to have to set it to alphabetical every time I go into list. I don't want to see a huge preview box and don't want the options box taking half the screen on the left. As well as because the list now has to load so much information and large content it is SLOW.

When I go to the list of recorded episodes that is what I want the list in alphabetical order and not all the extras. The extras should be options.

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