Hardaway, Alabama

We just ordered the Directv Cinema OnDemand and it is completely false advertising. The FCC should look into this.

No other ondemand makes you record a program and then maybe 6 to 8 hours later lets you watch it. The girl online never mentioned that the programs first had to be recorded. The installer took the original box and instructions and now I can't sell it on ebay. It is a complete waste of money and they will not credit your account.

Very disappointed in them.

We just lost $108 for equipment that isn't worth $5. Don't fall for the claims of watching movies instantly.

Monetary Loss: $108.

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I wish I had the time to list every issue I have had with Direct TV. What I will say is that I agree with almost every comment on here, Direct TV has horrible service and terrible customer service.

If you complain enough like I did, a few months later I finally got them to let me out of my contract only four months into it at no charge. I will never use them again.


Directv's on demand programs don't record, they download and are saved to the playlist. It's not like cable because they don't use cable to get info to your home, they have to use the Internet. Which means that if a program is taking that long to download then there is a problem with your home network as it only takes a few minutes for a normal show or movie to download